New 3ds Max tutorials channel - CG BBQ


Hey all!

I would like to let you know that a new 3ds Max tutorials channel has just started. – CG BBQ !

We are going to cover topics ranging from modelling and texturing to rendering homemade vfx and animation.

Here is our first material.
Creating a transition animation in 3ds Max with Corona distance map

Using Corona’s distance map in 3ds Max Tom unveils a technique you can use to transition between two different shaders. We’ll be mixing materials and animating objects to get the scene rigged and ready for rendering.

The tutorial covers rigging your scene, creating shaders with Corona’s distance map and Bercon noise for the creative fringing effect. You will be able to mimic the same effect in your animations or upscale the effect and use it in your interior scenes to create compelling material transitions.

Hopefully you will like our materiuals. See you on the channel!

Tom and Mike