New 3D World Atlas


Hi guys,

I want to buy a 3d world atlas but all the ones I’ve seen were made in 1989/98 and look pants. Are there any new ones that take advantage of nvidia cards? I want to zoom in and stuff :).


dunno exactly what you are trying to achieve with it but is quite nice. nvidia used to have a demo on their site for it and it sure was fun…
it kept on updating the textures as you would zoom in, and you could get rather close, i was able to find houses of friends in florida and california and all… it also allows you to turn on a heightmap, so you will get actual height information. was really really spiffy.

but well, think it was more for fun than anything else… but still VERY good fun.

theres a 7-day trial on the main page


Thanks Stimpy,

Thats just what I’m looking for!


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