NEW 3D Texture extraction software from 2 photos.


tiff and exr: Ok I’m going to work on that. I’ve had trouble in the past with librarys for those. I expect this to take some time before I trust them fully, but that’s not impossible at all. Thanks for telling.
On the other side, I’d like to reassure you because I think my program is fully functional now even without 16 bit image formats, but I think it’s worth a try as it can give you the extra detail that you need on depth maps when you subdivide like crazy (like over a million polygon).

Normalmap inverting: ok I understand, it fully makes sense. It will be a cool addition to my program. Do you think just inverting X and Y is enough?

Tiling : have you seen my videos about tiling?

noizFACTORY: thanks I appreciate!


PNG also offers higher color spaces and has a good compression as well as development libs…


Thanks! I hope you will like it!


30 more new images are here :

1 more video here, with a salad (?) :

Hoping you’ll like them?


I’ve updated the web site with 70 more new images detailing the PhotoSculpt interface, feature details,
free seamless tileable textures, normal maps, displacement maps and so on.
Check it out here : www.photosculpt.netmenu/photosculpt textures/gallery

Hoping you’ll like it?


Video of the interface in action ! :wavey:


The main url is not working now, i can’t get to it. :frowning:

/ Magnus


Looks like very interesting software! I’lll check this out when it’s available.



Looks really good but it’s gonna be free?.
Maybe do you wanna implement in the Blender ( heheeh)


Not free from what I hear, pricing is still being decided on.


I wonder how long it will take until this will become mainstream in gameengines?
If you could do the math in the gpu, you could map your level with a special texture (something that incorporates data of both images) and the gpu delivers the geometry on the fly in varying LODs. Fun times ahead.


I would love to see “PhotoSculpt” quality of detail in all games engines. Using the current technologies + tesselation on the fly + displace maps, all GPU accelerated, it shouldn’t be impossible. There are technical limitations, like memory and there are also “manpower” limitations : sculpting all by hand is too much work.

So I think that an automated software like PhotoSculpt can make the whole creative process a lot easier. No need to sculpt things of your environment anymore. You can take 3d shots anywhere. Like in museums, in vacation…

FYI there are new videos of the PhotoSculpt interface on youtube :

See more at !


“breaking” news: the PhotoSculpt Textures Demo is now available for download :applause:


Hoping you’ll like it!:love:


Omg, thank you very much, downloading now, hope you continue developing it:)


Just tried it on my archaic machine. Really stable! Thanks for the demo version and the sample images :slight_smile:



Hi! I’m pleased to hear that! Happy modelling! :wink:


PhotoSculpt Textures now for Sale! :slight_smile:

(Price is EUR 99.00)

see for more info?


Little test with Chaoscope :cool: (free)
A crazzy prog who has not 3D file export only 2D images but can rotate in “3D view” the current view of parameters :slight_smile:
So you can make 2 images with any rotations like a camera :beer:

Then use Photosculpt :wavey:


There is now a full featured 30days trial available.
You can now test your PhotoSculpt models into your own 3d software. :wavey:


Hi guys,

here is a new article from Ed Ricketts from 3D World,

He’s just reviewed PhotoSculpt Textures, and the article is just great!! :thumbsup:
Click below to find out!