NeverEndingPrincessStory - 2 clips


Greetings !

Here are 2 clips that I produced/released last week to support my website Fae Deception Meet the Dark Lord Unizuka

The idea is kind of a “neverending” soap-opera and these are simply 2 episodes.

The story is presented in “black and white” - ie: same story, just different coloured/featured characters (this is achieved using shaders). My feeling is that not everyone in this world is Caucasian; perhaps the viewer would identify more with a Princess that WASN"t white…

Produced using Daz3d Advanced, Cararra 7 pro, Mimic, Protools, WindowsMovieMaker. These are typically not the tools you folks seem to use; but this software seems to meet my needs and these clips use a range of techniques including BVH-Style animation and keyframes. If you have questions post them and I will do my best to reply.

It’s quick and dirty (I produced these clips in a week) as I work alone and value speed/consistent output. I expect quality to improve as I am able to build out my render farm and get someone to help with shaders.

I heard someone got a development deal after posting here; I am looking for something like this too of course…I have spent a small fortune and thousands of hours on this project, visit the website to get the complete “interactive” experience.

You guys (and gals) are the pros so comments appreciated (as long as it’s not "My software is better and Daz is crap); we all use what’s handy… I am good with sequencers; it’s all 0’s and 1’s to me…

Thanks for taking the time…


But those are animatics, right?

Hope you finish it someday! Will be a lot of work and I wish you the best of luck to animate such long short stories by yourself!


animatics? Not sure exactly what you mean but they are digital/virtual models not robotic…

As I said there is a range of techniques; here are some examples:

  1. When she hugs him or he touches his cheek for example; this is done with Animate+.
    They are premade motions, sort of a BVH file rigged for these models.
  2. When she is talking the mouth/eye/head movement is done with a software called “Mimic”
  3. When the wings are flapping, these are keyframed poses
  4. The camera is often keyframed to simulate movement and sometimes the “tweener” value changes so it’s an abrupt change; or a gradual movement
  5. When she shifts position this is a pose to keyframe interpereted by the software to simulate movement

So as you can see each character can have mulitple layers of animation within a clip. Many clips are combined to make a sequence.

Thanks for the encouragement! Learning curve was steep but it’s beginning to be almost fun. I’m a hardcore tech so love unravelling these weird balls of string…

The idea is that it will never end; sort of like Days Of Our Live with swords… NeverEnding…


I think you’re confusing “animatics” with “animatronics”.
By animatics he means animation that isn’t fully flushed out yet, but basic enough to convey what the characters would be doing, placement, and staging your shots. Like a moving storyboard.

It still needs a lot of work, I would worry about finishing the animation and fleshing it out before anything else. I like it that you’re combining all types of software and trying different approaches to so many things, but I think you need to go through and complete the shots, so it looks finished. Because right now it does look like just an animatic.

If you’re looking to eventually get this picked up and paid for, you’re going to have a much easier time if the animation is more finished looking. Take a look at some of the other shorts here on CGTalk, that should help you out a bit.
Good luck!


Hi ! Thanks for the comments and clarification.
I have looked at alot of the clips here and some look very nice but most seem like just random scenes strung together, kind of demos.

I am going for a total entertainment concept, these are clips # 9 and 10, and the website is quite high tech, with a dating side, multiple storylines, etc.
I started looking at 3d in June and produced both of these clips by myself in a week so absolutely they are kind of storyboard-ish.

When I first started looking at this 6 months ago I was actually going to use a software called storyboardquick; and that was to produce essentially line art drawings. Hopefully as I get more cores tasked on rendering the look and feel will improve…

Thanks for your imput and comments!


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