Nevercenter Activity?


FBX is…annoying, from a developer perspective, because they change the format at will and you have to use their library to read/write the format. Collada is open, but it’s also a giant mess, due to it’s “design by committee” origins. I so wish there was a standard that was truly good for at least bones/skinning and hierarchical transforms.

Have any of you guys had success exporting and importing any sort of rigs with Collada/.dae format from one package to another? If so, that’s something to look into. Although it’d be a big project to add any sort of rigging and skinning support to Silo (for good reason; it tries to not be everything to everyone because then you get hideous monsters like Max and Maya).


Any chance of getting some kind of relational modeling going?
In other words say make a circle extrude a long a path and then be able to change the original shapes which would change the extrude.
Lightwave still can’t do this although Hexagon can,(with dynamic geometry) as well as Cinema 4d.


I’ve never tried exporting or importing any rigs with Collada, but I have tried importing just simple models from one program to another and that in itself was a lot of hassle, so I imagine trying the same for a rigged object would probably be a nightmare - not that I’ve tried however. It seems a lot of effort to go to for something that might not work very well. I work in the games industry and I have to say that I’ve never really used .FBX or Collada - I’ve always found .OBJ the most useful.

I think I share the view that Silo should primarily be a modelling program. Speaking of which, any chance of hard and soft edge definition? :stuck_out_tongue:


I read the news on the Silo Fanpage on Facebook. If there really is an update coming out, even just adding 64bit and a substantial amount of Bugfixes i’d be the happiest person in the world! I’m currently in school learning Maya. Yesterday i tried out Silo again after a year of absence and was able to do everything two times as quickly as with Maya’s modeling tools… until it crashed on my after about 20 minutes.

Please don’t leave us mikefarny and keep us updated with insider information how it’s progressing :slight_smile: I’ve never found another modeler so zen like Silo no matter how hard i searched. I would pay for it a second time, if that only meant that we’d see more regular development of it in the future. I think it’s a much better investment for Nevercenter anyways instead of all this Camerabag instant photo BS… Back when Silo was new i remember it having quite some Hype surrounding it.


Dragontoad, Considering that Nevercenter has been selling a product that hasn’t been updated in years, I’d say yes, improving Silo and returning to regular updates would be a sound financial decision. :thumbsup:

However, they need to foster some goodwill with their user base!

Losing Silo development and having our community “kicked to the curb” was like a painful break up! Now, the X is back in town, after all these years, dialing us up for a booty call! :banghead:

Do you take her back or have you moved on?
For me it all depends on how she approaches it.
We all love Silo but, she’s got to be willing to stick around this time! :wink:


:bounce: What a nice surprise !!!
I will love to have an update of silo. Love Silo!

Guys did you get work your 3dconnexion Mouse using silo?
Years ago i download an .exe file from the old Silo web Forum, but this file dont want to work any more.

Is there a work around to use the 3dconnexion mouse with silo 2.2?

Any info i will appreciate.



Oh wow. How did I miss that? I totally kept looking over that. That changes so many things! Awesome.

I have no experience with collada so I don’t know if it will fit my needs. I specifically need something that works with Unity. As long as it does that then I am a happy camper.


Here is something I think needs to be addressed, just a small issue:

When shelling an object if you want something to be .8mm, for instance, then you have to divide .8 by .3 = 2.666. So when you type 2.666 into the shell default amount, it will shell .8mm.

I’m glad Silo is getting an update!


One thing to consider when doing boolean operations in Silo, is that Silo supports holes in faces that do not need to be connected to the surrounding edges. eg. subtract a cylinder from a face. the result is a circular hole in the face with no connection to face edges. When you export the object and open in another application, you will likely find your boolean ops have gone missing.

You can easily add in a connecting edge; but if your target app does not support >4sided polygons, it could be quite a job.

Perhaps a feature request… :]


Any news about an updated (and useable) Numerical Editor? It’s been one of those basic yet infuriating aspects of Silo - zeroing out the values when rotating.


Any news in general?

snickers :applause:


A Linux version of Silo would be fantastic. Ubuntu, if possible. The only thing other than games that is holding me to windows right now is Silo.

If Nevercenter is reading this, I’m quite happy to pay £100 a year for Silo, if that’s what it takes to have it updated on a regular basis. I am sure there are other serious Silo users here who feel the same way. Hell, even Sega was using your product at one time so its definitely got the potential to have big-studio recognition. Even years after you stopped development, Silo was still getting reviews such as this…

…seriously, not developing Silo is as big a mistake as Autodesk retiring Softimage. If Silo was suddenly back on the scene it would be most welcome. Do keep it Windows and Mac only, if that makes development and maintenance easier, but please do update it.


Any news abouth the new release ? :slight_smile:


Oooh… could this really be happening?

I used silo on a job recently and it turned heads. I was able to get stuff done a fair bit faster than anyone using maya and I am certain that it was the choice of software.

I pay for Maya every year so I am doggedly using it for modelling at the moment as it has improved a little. It is still a bit painful though. I keep wandering how much more I will need to spend before Maya is as good as Silo for modelling (particularly character modelling).

If I were to make a list of bug / feature suggestions, where would it be best to send them? I only want little things (plus general stability improvements which I appreciate is a big thing).


i absolutely love silo modeling tools , maya has made my modeling progress very slow . The easy to use tool and sculpting in silo is great , the fact interface and great modeling tools offer speed ,just wat ive been looking for …


Seeing the news about the price drop and free version of Renderman I suddenly remembered that Silo exports RIB…would have been nice if we hook it up as an external renderer in the same way as 3Delight

And no news about the update yet?


They’re looking for registered Silo Users that run Linux.


Here is the link:
for anyone with an interest


I meet that criteria:

Linux + Registered User

Nevercenter Let me know if you’re interested.

I’d be happy to help.

My first choice in Linux is the Redhat CentOS Fedora branch but, I’m not opposed to Ubuntu/Debian.


You know, if Silo stays focused on awesome modeling, refines its game, and ports to Linux… :buttrock: