Nevercenter Activity?


The only issue I’ve come across with Silo and “obj” files can been seen when you open them in a text editor - the materials are broken up into small groups based on the order in which the faces were created ( I think)… Usually, obj files name a material and then list all the faces assigned to it directly underneath, then the next material and all it’s faces are listed and so on. The fact that Silo does this may be confusing Substance Designer and requiring you to pass the file through Roadkill or Blender to re-group the materials and their faces.

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I think building on what Silo already has is definitely the best course of action.


Agreed, please no Animation in Silo, only build on what are Silo’s Strengths, maybe an updated UV editor, but I prefer NO Animation, Particles, Render, Painting.


MikeFarny, thank you for taking the time to reply to us. It is appreciated.

I’m just finishing off a job for a friend, but I am very eager to test both Vista(Home 32bit) and Ubuntu(Saucy Salamander) versions of Silo. I shall be PMing you very shortly!

Oh, just to throw in some thoughts: Please don’t take Silo down the full package route! App-links to other packages maybe, but Silo is best kept as a dedicated modeller.



Hello dear Silo Users,

I’m new in this forum and I’m also in contact with nevercenter - for testing the linux beta version.

happy to see, that silo is alive :wink:


Any chance the patch notes can be put up on steam?


I just wanted to chime in here to say I’m elated Silo’s getting updates again. Pay no attention to the hecklers, there’s still folks out here who love using the software and will gladly continue to do so. :smiley:


Quite right ,nice one Nevercenter. :applause:


i still use SILO, despite it´s problems, it´s the best modeling app i had ever used so far, and i willingly pay US$ 100 a year for updates. Happily.
You should talk to the folks at Electricimage as they are in dire need of a modeler to be bundled with their program, it´s a win win for both…
Holding my breath.


For some reason (and I don’t know ANY details), Silo used to be bundled with Electric Image and it was great. I STILL use Silo (although I don’t use Electric Image any longer.)


And the Fan Boys come out…


There is a difference between a fan boy and a happy customer…


I’m wondering, now that silo is being worked on again if the official forum will be opened or if it will stay here on cgtalk?


If I had to guess here because if it stays here it will have a moderation team that they have to manage themselves.


It would be nice to have an official Silo forum once again. :slight_smile:


No official post on this forum from NeverCenter since its initial inception.


Except I’ve been posting here, and I’ve been developing the 2.3 update. :stuck_out_tongue: I recognize that I’m not here to answer everything, but that’s because I’m spending my time actually developing Silo…so it’s not a terrible tragedy, right? :wink:


Back to work mike. No time to talk on forums for you. Back to Silo.

Any chance of info on bugs you’ve come across?



It’s on my plate to look into the fact format issues with electric image. I’ve also got an OBJ file that is giving Silo fits for certain operations, and also there are reports of Substance Painter and Silo not exchanging OBJs very well. And finally, empty meshes can’t be deleted out of the scene editor. I think that’s what I’ve got for confirmed “known issues” at this point.

There are some reports of an odd scroll-wheel issue, but so far nobody else can repro that one yet. We’ve also got a known limitation in the linux version that ALT + mouse buttons like to be used by Gnome and other DEs for other things like moving windows, so you have to switch that in the desktop environment settings so Silo is free to use it. That’s not a Silo issue per-se (Maya has the same issue), but it’s an annoyance.

I can’t promise any fixes for those issues landing in the official release for any of the platforms, since we’re already starting to ship what we’ve got. Hopefully we can have a dot release soon after that will address most or all of them. As you guys run into issues and they don’t get resolved here, send 'em on over (to and we’ll tackle them as fast as we can.

Edit: one more known issue, from another thread, is that the windows version can get tripped up by old Silo Data folders. Moving that folder out of the way so Silo recreates it with default data is the workaround, although it means you have to take the time to set up your prefs again in Silo.


Can’t wait ,