Neutral Zone 2 cinematic


Intro for a game.

Modeling: Predrag Krishan
Me: everything else.

Thanks in advance for the critique. :slight_smile:


Hi Boban!
The intro looks very epic! :buttrock:

maybe you should add some depth of field to the camera to make things look less like cg and to tie the background and ships together.

Keep up the great work



Thanks mate, I am glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Well, the problem is that most of the shots are wide shots, so placing dof would look weird. Dof make sense with shots that are really closeups (bigger close-up, bigger dof).
At least, that’s how I figured it out.

Thanks again.


Wow, that is a lot of work! Nice job from my point of view considering how much is going on and all that you have done :slight_smile:

There were only a couple crits that really jumped out at me and I wasn’t too hip on:

The interior of the ship and the radar screen felt way to 80’s, much too simple, it felt rushed, a little more time spent on it could have made it much more dynamic/interesting, maybe that was the look you were shooting for and that is fine, just my take on it. at 0:55 there is nothing happening on the vid screen or control panel yet total red alert type situation, that shot is a couple of seconds long, too long for nothing to be blinking or blopping :slight_smile:

At 1:26 is the most obvious shot, the partially destroyed ship exterior, needs smoke, embers, a couple big broken pieces of geo to hide what looks like just mapped deformed geometry, you see this a few times too, it sticks out too much in what is otherwise a pretty strong presentation IMO.

You have a bad mask at 1:14, not a big deal, I only noticed it because I stopped to look at the destroyed exterior.

Nice action, cameras, particles, explosions, ect. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Johnny for deep critique. :slight_smile:
There’s a lot more problems then you addressed. :slight_smile:
As for the 80’s look, yes, that was the first change I planned to do if I have time at the end. I was planning to do some 3D like holograms, but I never make it, and client is happy with this.
As in Serbia we say: “Tie the horse where the boss is telling ya” :slight_smile:

As for the “alert interior” shot. Yes, it doesn’t make sense, because there’s nothing happening behind the glass. The idea was to put some battle, maybe even cracked glass at one moment… or ship colliding with the glass. I just didn’t make it in time. :slight_smile:

There was a lots of shots in there, and I didn’t had the time to give all attention to each shot.

Btw. I am planning to do one shot… just for myself, for portfolio… something simple… ships flying, but to try and make it as beautiful as I can.

Thanks again Johnny. :slight_smile:


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