Networking 4 boxxs for lightwave 7.0 ???


I am starting to receive my new workstations. They are
Boxx 3d rI1’s
Dual AMD 2100’s
1 gig
Quatro 4

My question is…a few really…I am new to the world of networking. First off building the network between these machines (2 now…2 more on the way) Secondly what type of “tasks” can I share between the boxx’s…If I load a huge scene file is there any way to distribute the “load” so to say , between all of the units, or will there have to be one as my “Pimary” workstation, and the others will just act as render boxx’s???

Any help would be Great guys,

this forum and you folks are always alot of help


I am looking at HUGE scene’s here …Large battles and very detailed characters…So I want to utilize this computing power as much as I can.



Basically one machine will launch screamernet, and you go and “start” the ones you want rendering, this of course includes the host. Now with dual machines I have no experiance, I think you will start each processor, so it will be like 8 renders at a time in your situation. Like I said the dual setup is a little fuzzy to me but I am pretty sure that is how it goes.

Matt Gorner created this detailed tutorial on setting up screamernet, this is a must read!

Good luck


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