network rendering


Where can I find network rendering solutions for maya6 and mentalray for maya6?
Free and others. It is for the small network right now (4 computers) but could start to grow.

So I need a small and simple network rendering solution for maya6 and mentalray so I don’t need to manualy set frame ranges on each machine.

Thank you


Try RenderPal
The trial allows 10 clients.


There’s also Muster by Virtual Vertex… very good.


I’d also recommend RenderPal… Muster is way too unstable. And RenderPal is a lot easier to use :wink:


no probs with Muster here



question: how does render pal work with only one version of MR do u HAVE to buy nodes for MR to use Render Pal on a farm for MR to work?? Is there a work around?

Oh BTW: does it only work for PC? i am on Mac.


Mr alredy got a bult inn network rendering program.
redad more about how to set it up here
and it’s more resources inn the manual


but for every node you need a standalone license. the maya built-in mental ray does not network render with other maya mental rays.


even since i never used renderpal i am tempted to recommend it over muster.

i use muster since version 1.0 and i got more and more disappointed over various bugs and the creators not really great way of customer support and communication.

i had some longer chats with the guys doing renderpal and i made some suggestions what else they could implement - and 2 weeks later they had it all in!

i would really test drive them both - since they have about the same features and pricing in by now. if they are close to equal in serving your needs i think going for renderpal would be the better idea imho.

the virtual vertex guys tend to bring out their new versions with bugs and questionable default settings (a bit like alias themselves). and after installing new versions to dozens of new computers i can get quite pissed when i see that some features simply do not work and i have to reinstall an old version.

nevertheless: i dont wanna flame over muster: it is running with some effort and i rendered some million pics with it already. it is just that you have to know the limitations well to have it working.




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