Network render questions


Hi I´m just a bit curious about messiah:studios network rendering feautres, together with butterfly. That anyone with experience using it might help me answer.

Can I split the rendering of a frame between several computers or does every computer calculate a frame each?

Is it hard to set up?

Currently using a workstation licence but thinking of upgrading.

Best. Aron :slight_smile:


AFAIK messiah can’t split frames on several machines.
The setup is quite easy, you just have to have a Messiah installation on every machine and the paths to your scene should match between machines (so make sure you map network drives to the same letter on every machine). Other than that I have heared about a dll issue, but that hasn’t occured to me yet, so I am unable to comment on that one.


Thanks for the quick answer. Think a studio licence be my next invest. :bounce:


One more thing, do the render nodes need a Messiah compatible graphics card.
I got a spare P4 2.8 but it only got onboard grapichs and no AGP or PCIe slot.
Since they are cheap and silent I was thinking of buying one more. But I wanted to check this first.


No, you don’t need a graphics card for rendering.



Thanks, that´s all I needed to know :thumbsup:


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