Netherworld Archipelago - the Capital, Jesse van Dijk (2D)


Title: Netherworld Archipelago - the Capital
Name: Jesse van Dijk
Country: Netherlands
Software: Photoshop

This image is part of a personal project I’ve been working on for some time.

Without spoiling too much of the background story, the title of the image applies to the city’s status among several other underground villages. It’s the capital of an ‘archipelago’ of huge underground caverns, which is why it’s referred to as the Netherworld, even though it is technically above sea level.

The city itself is inhabited by a plethora of different people. The two most notable among these, the religious caste and the elitarian ruler class, have secluded themselves from the rest of the people by constructing giant walls around their city quarters. The highest dwellings of the city - reserved only for the most priviliged - have been carved out of solid marble, a rock not native to the local environment.

Hope you like it, as always, critique is more than welcome.



Fantastic! I really love the hazy lighting, it’s so immersive. You seem to have taken some inspiration from Minas Tirith from LOTR, haven’t you? I really like your brush work in the lower left corner, just enough strokes to suggest the detail there without getting too busy. I also really like the splashes of red on the banners on the citadel walls, a small spot of colour amidst the more monotone scene. It’s subtle but effective.

Really fabulous, I love seeing this kind of work. Enjoy some time on the front page.


Whoa very inspiring thank you so very much… Great work


Really loving this piece, you could just imagine the type of people who live in this place, very pale faced, sort of reclusive in some aspects, from the world around them.

I agree with leigh, it does instantly remind me of minas tirith, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing :slight_smile:


Love your work!


very cool image…the peaks of the buildings off in the far distance look really well done.makes me want to dust off an old castle image I was working on :slight_smile:
congrats on the plug!


Amazing… such an atmosphere !!!


Excellent work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


truly epic!




Among the most impressive works I’ve seen for a while


very nice work :wavey:


I love huge, epic environments, I see the Minas Tirith inspiration here as well. Great work!


This looks fantastic, perfect atmosphere.


wow, was looking for an idea to play with UDK with now I think I found it!

simply amazing!


The birds really add to the image and give a sense of the grandness. Beautifully executed! :slight_smile:


Fantastic image, love style very much :thumbsup:


Very nice indeed, love the colors and detail



Great image,love the details and light


Yikes! This is truly a unique piece of work. Love the simple colors used here. It somehow reminds me of Gondor. This city to me, is like saying: we are prosper and power full. And you can see that by the defense wall that looks so humongous next to the houses across the river. this is very majestic and magical. Love the look of the brigde. This could easily be the art piece of the day. My sincere congrats. Thanks for taking your time and sharing this with us. I will be checking out your portfolio today. keep up the good work.



GREAT!! work.
Best regards, Selwy