NetCreator free


I stumbled upon a marvelous new plugin and I never hear about it so I thought I would give it a little PR. It is called NetCreator and it connects with splines all kinds of objects. I used it initially for creating neural networks simulations between clones (neurons) but it also works for Thinking Particles and polygonal objects among others. It is free and incredibly useful.
It probably does some of the duties of X-particles but I don’t have that.

Here is the link:


I see now that another use for this plugin is creating cytoskeleton. It makes it so easy.
Here is a link to an example file I put on C4D Cafe which shows cytoskeleton type splines in a non-organic model:

The file type is C4D and couldn’t upload it here.


This is great! Thanks Teknow!


Glad you like it!
If you turn on the Random Effector and use Noise mode on the Disc it gives the file an organic cytoskeleton look.


Here’s part of a video I just made thanks to NetCreator:

(Google Drive link wouldn’t work on this site so had to refer to my post at C4D Cafe)