net render to texture with vray


Hi everyone.

I´m using 3dsmax8 with vray 1.47. I can render to texture with vray, but when it comes to use the net render to texture, I can´t do it the way I want.

I can only send one texture to bake to each computer. The name of the output texture becomes the same in all computers, and its the name that I have put in the render scene dialog, in the VRay frame buffer, checking the save separate G-Buffer channels box.

So when i send the second texture to bake to any computer, the first baked texture is overwritten because of the name I put in the G-Buffer channels.

Is there any way to determine in the G-Buffers channel a diferent name for every texture to bake?

Or how can I tell the VRay frame Buffer to pick the name from the render to texture dialog, instead of from the VRay renderer dialog?

Thanks to everyone…


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