Nerve, Christopher Tackett (3D)


Title: Nerve
Name: Christopher Tackett
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This is an update on my previous image of this guy for the Pixologic Hero Challenge. I took a couple days to re-render it and fix it up in Photoshop to be more presentable. This image will be on display at the Gnomon Hero gallery showing on June 6th along with a 10" 3D print of Nerve. When I get the 3D print back, I’ll post more images of that. This was a blast to be a part of. :slight_smile:

Rendered in ZBrush with postwork in Photoshop.


like the character
nice work


Oh really, well congratulations on the 3D print Kraken. This was a great entry for the contest.


awesome works.
just love it. the weapon concept design is great too.


very good! wonderful style!
i like modeling


This is cool! great work :applause:


Nice work Christopher


great sculpt,super cool dynamic pose,beatiful color palette.5*


excellent sculpt, awesome job.


Very cool:buttrock:


:applause: great work man 5 stars from me :applause:


I remenber your work , it’s very a nice upgrade, the compositing is very cool and serve the character !


very good piece. cheers! :beer:


Very nice expression and pose, cool definition of muscle and good mood. Bye


Very nice update, nice illustration of your model.


I remember following your wip thread very closely. I really like the re-render, nice job! :smiley:


I demand close ups :slight_smile:

Definetly need some of the back and front. I want to see the work you put into the anatomy.

great piece.


Thanks everyone!

Zerafian, sure thing. :slight_smile:

Here’s a closeup of this image:

And a back view:

And some closeups of the model itself:


Nice diagonal composition. VERY nice sculpt. 5 stars


Pretty nice, love the pose, the exaggerated muscles, the light and the tattoo :smiley: thumb up!