Neon City, Dennis Kaya Iversholt (3D)


Title: Neon City
Name: Dennis Kaya Iversholt
Country: Denmark
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

My initial idea with this picture was to create a current day or futuristic street with lots of neon signs, but I changed my mind during the modelling process and ended up with this 1950’s New York inspired street scene.

I got a lot of great advice and suggestions from the nice people (especially Zokan) in the wip forum
You can see the thread here:

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

You can see a high res version here:

And a clay render here:


REALLY NICE! the parking meters feel like they should be a tad taller however.


These links should work better :slight_smile: and it was Zokana not Zokan :smiley:

High res version here: :slight_smile:

Wip thread:




I’ve been following your WIP thread for a while, and its been awesome to see the piece progress from rough outline to finished render.

Great work!



very nice realisation. very realistic


Nice bro, feels good to see it finished, looks awesome! :buttrock:


Fantastic work, Latter! It’s been my pleasure to follow your doing in your WIP thread. Most impressive the incredible amount of texturing work, having nonetheless an excellent quality, but perfect also the lighting with all those reflections. A hell of a work, and finally a greatly captured melancholical moment in a big city… Congratulations! :buttrock:


Amazing work. :thumbsup:


Your WIP was so exciting. And final result is awesome great mood of street, and amazin textures and materials. Keep it up.


This was great thread to follow in the WIP section. The final image looks fantastic and the attention to detail is breathtaking. The only thing that jumps out at me (sorry, I know this isn’t the WIP anymore) is that the cars’ reflections and metal finishws all appear clean and pristine.

That said, there are so many things to like about the image, it’s hard to complain. The street and sidewalk textures and wet reflections look great. The attention to detail of all the storefronts and even the apartment interiors and varied curtains is astounding. It’s a really nice piece of work.



Finally this come out very nicely.Love the nice wet road nice reflections and good lighting and Texturing overall.

You know what, I was checking this wip few days back in the Wip/critique-3dstills forum. when i see that it vanished away from the first two pages of Wip forum i thought may be u’ll be busy with some other stuffs. But today when i watch 3d stills( neon-city) i straight away went in and click the link .So finally it comes out.

Great stuff. Enjoy the wip forum too.



Love it!


I really love this kind of images, congratulation beautiful work!


I seen the progress of the WIP, so this high quality image do not surprise me.

Well done, & thanks for posting & sharing your progress. :wink:

Looking forward to your next project already.


Awesome! Great to see this nicely detailed piece of work here in the gallery. It was nice to follow the progress from A to Z in the WIP section :slight_smile:
I really like the wet look of the floor, how the light’s cause those intense long streaks.
Hope it ends up at the front page!



I really like the mood you have set here! love the environment… nicely done!


Great to see the final!! You’ve been working on this for soo long, it’s got to be great to have this finished!! Looks awesome!


Great piece! Those details…insane.


finally, its finished.
awesome work, like all the details, the lights, the whole image in general.

2 (small) points: i think the lighting on the char does not accentuate him very good, it needs more definition. perhaps its the shading that could be improved.
the other thing is the light contrast between the ground and the higher buildings. try to make the ground area a bit more dark or the higher buildings area brighter.


It’s WOW feeling. Nice done!