Nemetschek increases share in subsidiary MAXON to 100%


big news from Maxon HQ today.
a new era is starting and it looks pretty exciting :slight_smile:

Nemetschek increases share in subsidiary MAXON to 100%

[b]Increase in shares in MAXON from 70% to 100%
Industry expert David McGavran appointed as new CEO
Focus remains on Media & Entertainment
Sights set on higher revenue growth by exploiting considerable potential in augmented reality, virtual reality and AEC markets[/b]


Ha. Couldn’t sleep so decided to check out the forum, looks like perfect timing for your update.

This is interesting. So basically they bought out the remaining 30% of shares held by the original founders, who are no longer with the company except to advise during transition? The new CEO — who has a pretty big connection to Adobe from his time there — seems to have a focus outside of C4D’s traditional markets. “Remains focused on media and entertainment” and “exploiting considerable potential in AR / VR” could be considered the same thing more or less. Entertainment is going to be the 900 lb. gorilla market for both technologies, even though both will have other applications that are more utilitarian in nature. Media can mean just about anything but presumably here we’re talking about motion graphics for television shows and ads.

Would like to hear from MAXON directly through blog or other means what their exact intentions are for C4D in the traditional motion graphics / and modeling space (I think we can assume rendering will continue to be important since AR/VR requires it the same as other workflows). Also I’d like to know what their intentions are in the simulation space (specifically different types of fluid and physics simulation) since those [could] tie closely with AR/VR, but traditionally have been encouraged as part of an “add-on” market.

Maybe we’ll hear something formally from a company exec at SIGGRAPH?


here you go:


I see ‘Adobe’ and hear ‘subscription’.


Thanks Glen. That’s the same info from the press release I think. To be clear I meant down the line a bit, when the new CEO has settled into his role. Something beyond the official PR statement, since those are meant to convey only the basic happenings and broadest details. :slight_smile:

That said, it will be interesting too to see if this changes anything on the Adobe front… maybe a different approach with Cineware or some new plans. Interesting times. Change in technology always drives change in the industries that use the technology so no one should be surprised.

Another thing I wonder about — and probably no one has an answer — is if buying up the original founders’ shares, this makes it more likely Nemetschek would sell the company and its technology. Although I have no idea in German companies if there’s a difference between shares in the financial sense and shares in the voting sense, and whether voting shares on the company side were distributed among board members or what. But I do look forward to hearing more detail about the new CEO’s focus and plans for the product.

[…including his stance on subscriptions as Darth alluded to. I’ve commented before that in the world of monolithic 3D apps I’m not a fan of subscriptions (par for the course with most C4D users), and find Adobe’s model only barely tolerable by comparison, only by virtue of how many apps are included in the current pricing model. Hopefully the new CEO is not planning on going the way of Autodesk. We shall see.]


me too!!..


It will take some time, from all i know he wants to get to know the people behind the company first, before much changes.

We have the difference between financial shares and voting shares, but it actually doesn’t apply to the GmbH (.ltd) where shares mean both.
If you look at the history of Nemetschek you can see that they are not into buying and selling companies, but producing software.

David McGavran comes with a mostly technical background, i’m pretty sure he will not follow the same tactics his previous employer used blindly. Also this is more of a question of which direction Nemetschek over all wants to go.


Well the most important part for me is the reference to AEC market - Architecture-Engineering-Construction , so finally they seems to look at markets that Nemetschek are with other software but never integrated C4D in that pipeline. It was always a surprise for me that Maxon didn’t cared for that market.


The wording isn’t ideal. :rolleyes: When writing scripts (or press releases) it’s always good to avoid using negative sounding words like “exploit” even if they’re used in a positive sense. It just leaves a bad taste in the readers mouth, even if they can’t put their finger on it.

Other than that , only time can tell what will be the result of this. The proof will be in the pudding.


Good stuff, Srek. Thanks for posting your thoughts. All make sense.

Bullit: I was thinking about this a bit more this morning (AEC market). Maybe this would mean the building out of the ArchVis version of the app. This also leads me to wonder about the current flavors of C4D and if re-segementing them (without the horrors of subscriptions) might be part of the vision. Pair down and make it C4D ArchVis, C4D AR/VR, C4D Studio (for all purposes), something like that.

I’m all for better interoperability with CAD formats and conversions and the like. But not a fan of CAD software in general. SolidWorks for example is considered a market leader; I consider from top to bottom to be a pain in the ass piece of software to use. From licensing all the way to modeling, a pain in the ass. Hopefully the new CEO sees the value in C4D’s UI simplicity when considering new functionality in this realm (not to say that there aren’t parts of the UI that couldn’t be improved in spots).


This is big news, but is this good news?

At least, with the 3 founders on board, you knew what to expect, and it was more than just a regular product for them.

Now, will they milk us or push the development to 11 to dethrone the other guys ?

“Adobe” background can mean both great and terrible things (lackluster 3D experience, subscription…)

At least, if they closed and announced the takeover before R20, that means they’re confident it won’t suck.

Let’s hope it’s for the best.


Don’t worry about R20, as a parting gift from the three founders it is quite a nice package :slight_smile:


you have either said too much or too little :argh:
I have prime, so I probably won’t see too much but I have it is the outta the park hit as all are hoping.


What in the world? Crazy times.

I have no idea what to expect. I want to work some in AR so perhaps this will be good, but this brings uncertainty.

Good to hear R20 will be a good update, though. :wink:


My personal opinion. This is a good change. The 3 bosses c4d has had for the past 30 years have done a great job and I wish them the best in whatever they choose to do now (sitting on a beach with a vodka tonic is a great option) but this is a good time for a change. One person in charge can be more decisive than three trying to all compromise. As for the Adobe thing, well, keep in mind, this is a guy who has been leading dev teams previously, so he’s less management in the traditional sense and more software lead. I think that’s the best we could have hoped for.

Hopefully he’ll be more Steve Jobs than Pepsi executive.

And yes, im standing by my guns and saying that R20 is the best update c4d has had in a decade. It naturally isn’t everything that everyone asked for (it never is) but it’s a great swan song to go out on for the changing of the guard.


bloody well deserved vodka on a beach! was quite an emotional day today, end of an era and all that. but… onwards!

(ps: R20… buckle up its going to be crazy!!


theglenster and imashination are doing a good job getting me excited for R20. :slight_smile:


Thats what I want to hear :slight_smile:

Its like waiting for a new star wars film. Will it be good? Will half the fans love it and the other hate it? Should I temper my expectations? Looking forward to seeing where it ranks on the tomato meeter.


Cool, interesting news. On the subject, here’s David McGavran penning a blog post about his Adobe trip to Brazil.


And here’s McGavran jumping in to an official Adobe thread just three weeks ago, discussing tech issues (Premiere Pro on the iMac) with a user.](

He seems like a switched on guy and not just some evil Mr Burns type character in a suit.


I’ll address the elephant in the room.

I suspect that a full—or partial— sale to Adobe is coming.
-Nemetschek gains full ownership to simplify negotiations and transfer
-Adobe guy is brought in as CEO

C4d is a creative tool unlike anything in Adobe’s offerings suite. AR/VR despite a bit of a lull is poised to grow and could be massive. Accessible content tools for that medium could be vital for a company like Adobe. Integration w/AE and Illustrator is in place.

Throughout all industries there is consolidation. Big fish swallow up smaller fish. For example Unity is cozying up with Google, which could be merely a partnership but could be the beginning of much more.

Autodesk is a player that is moving hard. It’s moving into AI and their life sciences group is working in NanoTech. They are a tough competitor getting stronger.

It’s inevitable that in the coming years DCC apps will start to fold in AI features and will be utilized in completely new ways. That kind of expansion is easier for a big company with deep pockets and proximity to Silicon Valley.

If a sale is forthcoming I would guess Maxon would remain as a German based subsidiary w/ a lot of autonomy. And I’d guess Adobe would offer the product in a subscription that is layered on top of the base cloud suite. (Not included in current price/package)