Nemetschek Explored Sale of C4D in August


It’s somewhat old news (august) but I just heard about this from a coworker a few minutes ago, and hadn’t heard about it here:


As a usual journalists don’t do journalism. Why is the question that isn’t asked.


Thanks for posting this Luke. First I’ve heard it.

I guess, so long as the buyer intended to bring all the MAXON employees and product along and not shut it down, it wouldn’t be a problem. If a direct competitor (like the parent company of the Foundry) buys it, you can forget about it. If that happened there’s a good chance they’d adopt bits and pieces (most likely Mograph and the underpinnings of the animation system) for the purposes of integrating them into another 3D DCC product where that is a weakness, keep a few programmers and tecnical people familiar with those areas, and shelve the rest.

Also there’s the minor detail of all the great C4D plugins out there and how this would impact developers of same.

Have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully nothing too disruptive.


Blinny, it happens

Iray for c4d was stopped (read reason in pdf) > iray for c4d


Interesting read… But indeed, C4D is only thus representing 6.5% of Nemetschek’s revenues and if there are few synergies with their other products (except for rendering maybe) they might just want to sell it while it’s hot for pure financial reasons. That’d make the shareholders happy if they can get a good price for it. Else they’ll just keep it as long as it’s profitable.

I’m more concerned about who would buy it… Nemetschek looked like a pretty “hands off” parent company, letting Maxon do its things.

If a fund buys it, it usually means they want to flip their investment in around 5 years. That means a different strategic approach which could lead to significant changes in development, pricing (subscriptions) etc…

If it’s indeed HgCapital, who owns the Foundry, then that means that C4D or Modo will be in competition in the same catalogue, and one will probably suffer, disappear/merge, or will have to specialize in something in particular. It also means better integration with Mari, Nuke etc…

If Adobe buys it… well it’s going to go subscription only.

If it’s someone like BlackMagic (who owns DaVinci or Fusion), since software is mostly a gateway to sell hardware it might just be “business as usual” or even go “Free version”.


PDF says : it stopped because it didn’t sell well. And they are outsourcing all the other ones as well (Max, Maya and Rhino), so it doesn’t say much about Maxon being sold.


They don‘t give a source and Nemetschek clearly denied it. There isn‘t much to talk about.


If its the Foundry owners, C4D will go in the toilet with subscription-only, horrendous remote snooping that checks how many machines on your network run C4D and TeamRender nodes, threatening emails from their license enforcement lawyers claiming you are running more copies of C4D than you paid for and similar. The Foundry is a SHIT company. Basically - the end of C4D.

If Adobe buys C4D, they will also go subscription-only immediately and also mismanage C4D into the ground. Adobe did a MISERABLE job with the software portfolio of Macromedia, which they bought out. They killed Macromedia Director - the biggest thing in multimedia authoring and the next big thing in interactive 3D - and also somehow managed to kill Flash - the biggest thing in web authoring. Adobe Cinema4D. The mere thought of that makes me shudder.

BlackMagic is fantastic. I bought a professional Video recording/hardware encoding box from them. Packaged beautifully, worked beautifully, and the box contained an SD card with a free copy of DaVinci Resolve on it, along with a thank-you-for-buying letter from BlackMagic.

If it is these companies, pray that it is BlackMagic, and not the incompetent, money grabbing d*ckheads at HgCapital and Adobe.

If C4D folds, all that is left is Blender and Houdini frankly. Oh, and LightWave Next if NewTek manage to bring it to market.


Black Magic I’d be happy about, any of the other companies mentioned would be very bad news for us. Especially The Foundry or Adobe (or Autodesk). I will sell my license immediately if any of those things are announced. Adobe might try to keep it going but they’re not capable of developing this type of app without f-ing it up / franken-mangling it.

Haven’t been impressed with any of their 3D efforts to be honest. I’m impressed they gave it a go, but none of the various implementations (from early Photoshop 3D stuff to current “widget” apps) really came close to hitting the mark. Maybe OK for Illustrator users or whatnot but doesn’t give me hope they’d maintain the UI and other aspects of the app properly. Hope it never happens. Also they’d probably use it as an excuse to double their annual subscription.

That said I like Srek’s comment and hope his take is the right one. :smiley:


skeebertus, Apple killed Flash. The story goes that Steve Jobs had a long-held vendetta against Adobe for stopping development of Adobe Premiere on Mac. Jobs took it upon himself to kill Flash by not supporting it on IOS.


I heard those rumors too. The reality is that Flash was killing battery life on early devices.

It hit home for me. I was a flash developer at the time.


apparantly it was also a security nightmare…


Flash was an Adobe software and iOS represents only a small fraction of the available platforms, looks very unlikely that the software died just because it was not supported on a relatively small number of devices. Adobe decided to discontinue development of Flash years after Jobs dead so call this his personal vendetta doesn’t seems right, there are many software from Adobe available on Mac, why should Apple focus only against a single title?
Reality is that Flash was draining too much resources from a mobile platform and to be honest was crap also on desktop(it was also a source of malware BTW). There are many software not available on iOS or Mac platform that are doing just great without Apple.
Flash died because it was an outdated software, successfully replaced by more modern/efficient standard.


Well, Sirio, you are right in that Flashed was killed for many reasons, it was insecure, and they just couldn’t get optimization right on mobile. These reasons were chief among Jobs’ decision to not support it in iOS in the state it was in, it had nothing to do with a personal vendetta. And yes iOS is a small fraction of available platforms, but study after study has shown that no matter how small iOS market share is compared to Android, iOS users are the ones who tend to spend money on things and are therefore MUCH more important advertising targets than the Android crowd. When your ads can’t reach one of your biggest revenue streams, you’re going to switch to a platform that can, and so Apple’s blacklisting of Flash was the first shovel of dirt on the coffin of a terrible piece of software.


Well, whilst true you need to keep in mind the implications of Apple’s choice. Apple devices are owned generally by people with more disposable income, those people are the perfect target to capture for the owner of any website, so any sensible person made sure their pages and content worked on Apple devices. Suddenly the simple lazy route of “Just make it all in flash” wasn’t an option, the website owners had to make a special apple version which still worked. At this point if you have a sleeker version of your site that doesn’t need flash, why bother with flash at all in the first place? IMHO it was this “we have to make an apple compatible version anyway, so lets just not bother with flash” outlook which helped to kill off flash.

Prime example would be youtube. When you have a great html5 version working, why not just serve that to everyone?

I’ve no idea about the vendetta, but I think it is fair to say that Apple killed flash.

Now regarding c4d being sold… Its a rumor that comes around every 2 years or so. Usually with Adobe as the buyer. I wouldn’t put too much weight into it. I saw that news post a while back and just ignored it as someone trying to start a rumor to affect share prices. Speaking of which I hear ADSK is a great buy right now :wink:


Well, just ask yourself, do you still want Flash alive? Honestly almost all the Flash sites I’ve seen around in the latest years were just crap made a decade ago, I think this more than anything contribute to the dead of Flash. Anyway, even if some companies accelerate a slow agony, when somebody helps old/unsecure standards to fade then we should be happy, otherwise we will still have computers with floppy disk drive.
Sorry for the OT;)


Flash needs to die. It is a PITA to maintain a current version because they’re constantly finding security holes in it, it’s inferior to HTML5 + modern video formats, and it’s already part-way out the door. We need laggard webmasters of major sites like ESPN and a few others to stop using it and we can all move forward. Adobe has committed to this more or less already but because some large-scale web sites keep using it, I think Adobe feels compelled to continue updating the plugin every 8 days. Better for everyone if they just cut bait. As soon as they say “we’re not updating the Flash plugin any longer,” sites will be forced to stop using it due to the legal risk involved with using an unsupported technology that has weak security.

That said we should probably close this thread. It’s going nowhere on the Sale of C4D front (because no one has any real info) and Flash certainly isn’t on-topic for this forum, so… kill it with fire?


I’m good with that. Glad to know its just rumor.