Neliel, jonathan Roméo (3D)


Title: Neliel
Name: jonathan Roméo
Country: France
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, VRay

Hello ! here a new fanart for the bleach series, character is Neliel Tu Oderschwank, she is the 3rd espada. 2 days of work with C4d and vray for c4d + postwork on photoshop

wire >

C & C most welcome



Realy nice this one! …expresive character! :slight_smile:


Really great modelling of Neliel.
Was wondering how you did the hair?


I’ve never read bleach, but I really like this picture


-Lovely character and render, I love her hair…


very nice modeling, she looks ver nice. I like her eyes.


wow … You did it well … really as the anime ( Bleach ) good work 5* from me .


I loved it! omg so beautiful and love your style!
exclamation points!!!:bowdown:


Great job,can u post WIPs please.


Hi all thanks for your reply

Asagura > hair is polygonal + opacity map :slight_smile:

here is a small making of




amazing work :slight_smile:


amazing work
though i hate naliel and her noisy voice ^^
but you made her beautiful
good job man
couldnt you make inoue or ichi instead ^
… how come she is the 3rd espada ! i thought her just an arracncer !anyway …
i know its not easy to make an anime character into 3d
so you are a hard worker person , great job
good luck
with my best regards


This is sick. Great Job!!!


wow… very good
I love the eyes and the hair


nice work, only thing i change is move her head a little forward b/c it looks like she has a strange neck under her clothes.

awesome hair too


Waow great, you have done a beautifull picture with excellent details.


insanee super jobbb i like it so muchhh 5***************


nice stuff…
the eyes can use some more work(reflections and stuff) but the mood is very nice.
my only crit would be that the over all crop is a bit zoomed in. could have looked better with a bit of zoomed out crop.

but still very nice .


héhé du super taff Johnatan :thumbsup:
Pas de critique supplémentaire par rapport a ce qui a été dis pour les yeux et le cou, je profite juste tranquille de cette superbe image :slight_smile:



great face! 5 stars for me…:thumbsup: