Negative Lighting


I was reading in a tips and tricks book about negative lighting and was shown examples of using lights with negative values as a way of shading a scene. This as opposed to shadows almost makes more sense to me, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do it in Softimage.

Is there a way to create a light that shades as opposed to casting shadows?


Switch the light color to HSV mode, and enter negative values in the ‘V’ parameter…


You can also use HLS and use the L factor to be negative, by the way negative lights in softimage have worked great since SI 3d they are very trustable, some other apps get strange results when using negative lights, so that’s a good thing ( as many other :smiley: in softimage products) :thumbsup:


you can just stick to RGB and use negative colors if it comes to that, without constantly switching modes.


yes that’s right, the only benefit of using HSV or HLS is that you only need to manipulate one value to make your color negative ( in case you already have a color set)


Well i use HSV mode in the entire app (you can set it in XSI 4) so i’m used to that… RGB works nicely of course, but there you have to juggle 3 values simultanously to get the desired color and intensity.


I agree there, but just for blacklights it’s usually better to resort to uniform values and eventually tint with a fill light.

btw if, when dragging a color slider, you hold down CTRL, all sliders move together.
quite handy but often ignored.


Yeah, i wish that modifier was though the program a bit more, like i some of the ppgs for scaling and such.

Dont forget our friend shift!


For seperate sliders, you could also link them together so that you really only need to use one (it’s helpful in some cases…)



Yeah, I know and ive done it on occation for some things, but it is such a pain for a really quick tweak. Im lazy…and i know non of you can blame me for that character flaw :wink:


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