Needed suggestion for pipeline


Hello all,

I’m creating an exporter to export meshes, animations and rigs into a game engine. To “semi automate” this process I have created a custom scripted plugin node with custom attributes like asset type, whether the asset is exportable etc. Code below to create the plugin node. In my current pipeline, I’m going to ask the devs to link their potential exportable nodes under this plugin node. This works; however I was wondering if there was way to save this extra transform node from being exported. In other words, can I tag properties on a bunch of objects without having them to parent them under a special node. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This is a new plugin helper created for BNE art tools
The class ID is unique generated by GenclassID()
It should not be recreated everytime

plugin helper BNE_RootNode
category:“BNE Nodes”
classID:#(0x45fe2125, 0x227c82d4)

parameters main rollout:assetRollout
assetTypeName type:#string
assetType type:#integer ui:dropdwn_assetType default:1
exportable type:#boolean ui:chk_exportable default:true
exportSplit type:#boolean ui:chk_split default:false
moveToOrigin type:#boolean ui:chk_moveToOrigin default:false

    on assetTypeName preSet newVal do
        if findItem this.assetRollout.dropdwn_assetType.items newVal then newVal else assetTypeName

    on assetTypeName set val do
        assetType = findItem this.assetRollout.dropdwn_assetType.items val

    on assetType set val do
        assetTypeName = this.assetRollout.dropdwn_assetType.items[amax (amin this.assetRollout.dropdwn_assetType.items.count val) 1]
        if val != 1 then
            this.assetRollout.chk_split.visible = false
            this.assetRollout.chk_moveToOrigin.visible = false
            this.assetRollout.chk_split.visible = true
            this.assetRollout.chk_moveToOrigin.visible = true

rollout assetRollout "Root Node" width:168 height:309
    dropdownList 'dropdwn_assetType' "Asset type" pos:[0,0] width:160 height:40 items:#("Mesh", "Rig","Animation")
    checkbox 'chk_exportable' "Exportable" checked:true pos:[0,45] width:65 height:19
    checkbox 'chk_split' "Export Children Individually" checked:false pos:[0,65] width:150 height:19
    checkbox 'chk_moveToOrigin' "Move to Origin" checked:false pos:[0,85] width:150 height:19