need to reinstall....where is license file located


Hi Guys,

I need to reinstall…where is license file located so I can have that before reinstalling? Also, I see Silo is up to 2.5. My last version is 2.2. Will I need to purchase some upgrade for that, or if I switch to the 64bit version?



Do you mean reinstall your operating system or Silo? If it’s just Silo you need to reinstall then you should not need your license key.

It will have been sent to you via email to the address you used at the time of purchase. Contact nevercenter support if you no longer have it.

All 2.xx versions should be free if you own Silo 2.


Thanks! Wonderful windows 10 updates has made me a victim like so many others. I can’t get past a particular update without having to remaster my system. Thank God for Acronis.
So, I will need to reinstall, and actually will need a 64 bit version as I think I am moving to a whole new computer as well.