Need to Create Froth by the side of ship on Ocean


Hello Friends,
I created a ship and ocean. Then I palced the Ship on the ocean and animated according to the movement of the Ocean. I created a wake emitter to the ocean and I parented to the ship.In the Wake emitter ,I set the foam emission value to 10. I got only small amount of foam,that too like smoke and spungy. How do I get te foam or froth by the front & side of the Ship.

Can Any one Plz help me to get the realistic froth .

T.Shankar :banghead:


U can Create a surface Around the boat & emit from the surface. If required U can collide the particles with the boat.

Enjoy …


I used a volume field in the shape of a cone placed at the bow of the ship this will push the foam out and around the hull…

To set this up hide your ocean etc select the fluid container for the foam and set the display settings to show velocity arrows, this way you can easy see the movement of the foam and tweaks the fields you need to.


Hello Friends,
Thanks for your kind reply . I’ll try out the hints that are given by you. Once again thank you for all.


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