Need to create animation on negative frames of the timeline. Been working on this all day.. Please help


I need to animate the negative frames on the timeline but can’t render negative frames. The problem is that I need to add animation before the frame that the animation starts (frame 0) and dragging the Summary timeline don’t change the picture at Frame 0 that I needed to have in the ending. The animation is made in the material editor, displacement and Noise. There I have the animation speed on and is probably why I can’t drag the timeline. Can someone please help me! Been searching for a solution to this problem for hours.


Hey Marre96, please excuse me if l am incorrect here but it sounds like you have animated noise in the materials?
I noted that on the reddit reply someone suggested to just push all your keyframes 40 frames forward, but you stated were still getting the deforming from the material straight away from frame 0?

If this is the case then just keyframe the Noise’s animation speed as 0 for the first frame and make sure the keyframe has Step interpolation and then at Keyframe 40 put another keyframe in for the Noise’s animation speed at whatever speed you want. This should mean that you get no deformation movement from the noise until your animation hits frame 40.