Need this functionality


Any way to use such functionality with C4D cloner?

Scale option doesn’t work here - it generates too many overlaps of instances.


Yes, the Enable Scaling does not work on non-uniform polygons. You have to use a non-deformed plane then attach your clones and then deform the cloner (probably with a connect object, I’m not sure)


Sad but that’s not usable solution for already complex and curved surfaces. Hope @Maxon will add this functionality. It’s done for a many years already at ZBrush (Nanomesh) and recently added MicroPoly. I’ve send feature request via Maxon support - hope they’ll manage to make such great feature.


Hi, you can do this with the cloner on a flat version of the grid and have a Surface Deformer as it’s sibling referencing the deformed plane.


I had the same problem with an old personal project and the Surface Deformer did work. But I recognize its limitations. In my case it was a simple distortion towards the Y axis. The real problem appears when you want to wrap around a closed surface.
I don’t know what E2GO is trying to do but since he mentioned Z-Brush then it’s most likely to be a case where you want to have something like a chain-armor…
If you try to apply the Surface Deformer for closed surfaces like a sphere you’ll end up with serious distortions.


@brasco Yes it’s a simple task to do it with quad plane or similar non closed surface.
@demis You’re completely right about chain-armor) I solve this issue in Zbrush with ease but it’s obvious to have similar functionality at C4D especially with cloner system.