need suggestion (UK) pls :)


Hello there, i need some help from you guys
im actually a graphic design student, but i really want to change my major to animation.
im currently in 2nd yr of my Bachelor.

I really need your suggestion which school in UK is reccomended and how is it there.
i know Bournemouth, Bristol, etc but have no idea which one to choose?
and, what kind of portfolio do i need to collect? since im a graphic design student, my assignment are not related with animation at all.

please help me :slight_smile:


For studying animation in the UK the best universities are listed here:

As to which one you choose will depen on the type of animation you wish to study - 3D commerical animation, 2D, Fine Art / experimental, stop motion, motion graphics etc

Regarding a portfolio you will probably need to show evidence of life drawing, perspective drawing, colour paintings, composition, character and environment design, perhaps some 3D if relevant to the course, some 2D animation tests never hurt, good photography can be a plus as well. I would look to return to year 1 if you can, if you don’t have much previous experience in the area, attempting to transfer to level 2 of a course will mean you are likely to struggle because you will have missed out on the introduction level modules to the majority of skills. Some courses don’t teach much in the first year, so either avoid them, or if you wish to go those places, you might get into level 2 if your portfolio is strong enough. If a course allows you into level 2 without showing a strong portfolio; they are probably desperate for students and it’s probably a good idea to avoid them. It’s hard to say more without seeing your work.


I attended a Skillset open day in Soho latest year, where the major animation/fx schools in the UK displayed their work.

Personally, I was most impressed by the student work from Hertfordshire.

Pretty certain however that Bournemouth still has the best industry contacts/placement rates (thanks to the old boy network).


Thanks very much for the kind words :slight_smile:


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