Need some technical advise in physical renderer


What parameters should I change to make this image better ? Something is off with the samples but changing the number doesn’t do anything …


And I’ve noticed some square artefacts on the shadows. This appear when the image is not in it’s native scale.

I have a low performance PC that’s why i’m using this primary+secondary GI methods.

Also, I can’t export a render in BMP or JPG format in any other depth colour other than 8 bit/channel. Is this an issue concerning the CPU/GPU ? I thought JPG was compliant with depths up to 64 bit/channel. Some times I get colour bands because of that. TIFF works fine.


BMP is an ancient file format and shouldn’t be used for anything ever.

JPG Is a final delivery format and shouldn’t be used for 3D work outside of delivering files to a client. It doesn’t support anything over the standard 8 bit/channel

There are no commonly used formats that use 64bit/channel, they would have no practical use. 32bit is the max you would need but even then 16bit floats is usually far more than most people actually need.

To fix your splotches, simply select the preset at the top called “Interior - Preview (High Diffuse Depth)”

Failing that, upload the c4d file somewhere.