Need nudge in the right direction


Hey all,

I need some help figuring out the best approach here. I’m going to do a matte painting for the clip below; sky/background replacement. I’ve done simpler mattes before, but this one’s got me stalled…I think because it’s a long tracking pan/crane. I’m thinking I’m getting frozen by too many options. Should I just 2D track and composite in a large 2D painting? Should I camera solve and build out the 2D painting in 3D space? I just can’t come up with the best approach.

Any ideas?

Thanks much!!


You could get away with a 3D track. Do whatever you’re more comfortbale with.
Good luck.


Thanks for the reply Milan!

I did a nice 3D track and camera solve…with good results. What I plan to do is extend the sky/mountains from the middleground trees back. (ie. bigger mountains, better sky, etc.)

My original plan was to just do 2D layers in 3D space in my compositor. But now I’m wondering if a 3D projection would be better?? Any thoughts on that?