Need input to decide commission rate :D


Hi all, I am nafura and i am new here. I am an aspiring artist, a newbie one to be exact, and i am trying to start professionally doing art for commission. But I stumbled across a problem, I have no idea how much my art should worth for first time opening commission. I asked my friends around me and they really don’t have an answer and they suggested that I asked more professional ones like in forum where the professionals gather or something. So i decided to ask here on cgsociety where i believe there are a lot of professionals gather.

So to keep thing short, i wanna know, regardless of time spent, how much it usually cost for a picture of this quality and how much do you guys think i should charge for my first time opening commission.

Thank you so much for your attention, I really appreciate all your replies! :smiley:


It is impossible to answer your question. (due to local currencies, countries, different markets, no info on what the artwork is supposed to be used for etc.)
If you want to make a living out of artistry, find your market, start working it, charge as much as you can, keep pushing it untill you get paid what you want to get paid.


Thanks for your reply Alice! I really appreciate it!

The purpose of the work I meant earlier is for character design or some sort of illustration work with my quality that i have shown there. I am actually aiming for the international (in this case, my target is people who pays with USD) market like deviantart or something like that. I actually had no idea how much i should charge, so if you guys could help me suggest some price ranges with some explanation (and maybe references?) it’d really help! :"D