Need High Polygon Human Model


Hello all,

I need a completely nude (full anatomy) high polygon model (preferabbly bald) of a male and female…

the colors and textures do not matter, I just need the mesh, I’m making normal map (with parallax bump mapping) textures with statues in them. This is for a project on Quake 1. If you are interested in what I’m doing I can tell you in private.

Of course, you will be fully credited for your contribution…

I don’t know where else to look for a model like this, I’m using 3D Studio Max, so even if its in .3ds format that will work. I would make my own, but i’d prefer just to have an extra one for these textures, because I have a lot of other things to do.

I would’ve posted this in a help wanted forum, but the only one they have on these forums is for studios and paying positions.

I am willing to pay a small fee for the model, but I can’t afford much (i’m poor hehe) maybe like $50 or something. If it would be free, that would be even better.

I really need a very realisitc model, highly detailed high polygon model, if you have one please contact me and I will discuss with you how I’m going to use it, etc.




this kinda reminds me of the so talked “Viceroy” thread…


I wish you luck…

If you’re willing to add zeros to your price then I’m a taker. :wink: j/k

Try to look into “Poser” if you’re on a budget and want to invest into high quality 3d models.


I know that’ pretty harsh, but that’s what I see when I look at your post. You should spend more time searching the internet for free human resources, they do exist. They are not professional level, but you get what you pay for. If you can’t find anything online, you’re going to find people willing to work for free on a game on game fan sites, I’d check out planetquake or something for starters. There are people who are interested in working on projects like this, but posting a message like this here is not your best way of finding them.

edit: This Viceroy thread?

Ked, sorry for sounding like a jerk, but I can’t imagine people giving away professional quality models.

You might want to check out these sites, though:
I know has a male model that has decent anatomy.
Actually, y’know what? They’ve got a nice free male and female body at modelled by Radek Nowakowski. might want to check those out.


i am sorry you read it like that,

but thats you, and your own personal problems if you read it like that.

I’m a character modeler also, and this is for a non-commerical project, and i was asking if there was an already made model, for courtesy, not asking to make one for me. I do both levels and characters, I could very easily make my own model but i’d prefer not spending the time to do it, so please, save your arrogance for someone else.

I’m a game developer, with a full time job, i know about people’s time and their hard efforts, but its for a non-commercial project, if it was for a full game or something i would over probably $500-$1,000 for a high detailed model.

if you don’t feel like you would be interested in it, then just move on and ignore the post, its not that hard now is it?

if i had a model that i wasn’t using anymore, that was just sitting, uncompleted mesh only that was just sitting on my hard drive, i would give it to someone to use if i was credited. I even have people lined up to use my Zelda models i’m working on in some mods, i don’t really approve of the mods or their direction, but I don’t bind being generous. My models are high detailed and high quality, and i’m not asking a dime for them. I know there are some people like me that still have some sort of positive outlook on other people, so thats why i’m asking.



Oh wow, that Viceroy thread is freakin hilarious!


yes, that post is pretty funny, but I am not in the same situation.

Thanks for the link, I will check them out when i get off work.


Adding the zeroes at which end? :wink:


Luxology have a male and a female for free download on their website:

That might work for ya...

Doh! Shoulda read the whole thread first :banghead:

It was worth posting though - just to read the Viceroy thread :smiley:


well, if it’s about saving those poor children in Africa… hmmm…

still nope :scream:

a game developer, which ussually pays 500-1000$, have people lined up to use your model, needing a very high detailed realistic model of a female /male ( and bald also :P, weee ) gonna pay if he must like 50$ (yeah that should get me a sport car) or just “credited” your name, (like putting your name beside George Lucas).




I’m working on my own right now, and when i’m finished with it, it will be open to the public for whatever use they might want.

Thanks dees for -re-establishing- my old belief that most CG artists are ego pricks that think they are high and mighty.

At least I have the dignity to not be a stuck up asshole, Thanks.


raises hand

Uh, if you asked to borrow my car cus you needed it to get to work, and I wasn’t going for that, would it be the same deal? :confused: Where do we draw the line? I mean I don’t like to be an egomaniac, but being downplayed for credit and fobbed off is kinda lame as an alternative :confused: Surely you well knew how a request like this would come off. Why didn’t you try somewhere like I dunno (don’t shoot me) a Poser forum or such? Proprietary issues abundant there, but that’s not really a problem. You got 50 bucks remember.

Plz advise dude, or just think about it all and we can all be nice to each other and all of that.



For a high res, anatomically perfect model, you’d actually have to spent in the region of $5000-$10,000. So offering 50 bucks is actually ridiculous and I highly doubt that you’ll get it that way.

Looks like you’ll just have to make the model yourself, I’m afraid :shrug:

Thread closed.