Need help


Ive tried working on sculpting and normal mapping for awhile several times and after months of tutorials and experiments i still cant figure it out so any help at all would be great. Ok so here was my process with this simple rock. Sculpted in zbrush, retopolized in topogun, unwrapped in 3dsmax, baked in xnormal and maps applied in 3dsmax. My problem is it still looks like crap lol. I dont know if its an unwrap thing or a baking thing or a rendering mapping thing. Here are my files and pics. Again any help is appriciated lots.


these files too


Are those the actual sizes of your maps?


Looks like Crap is a pretty general statement there. Try being more specific. I’ve opened your file and I did not see anything wrong with it, that being that I did not see the base mesh either. There can be a myriad of problems for why things are going wrong and we need specific details in order to troubleshoot the issue.


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