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Hello my name is Doug and am in need of help, my problem is that I am following this tutorial from a modeling class that has you making a chain that swings back and forth using dynamics. The problem is that when I go to run the simulation it is very slow takes about 20 secs per frame to render and some even longer. Not sure what is going on. I had done this the other day and it would render like in class, but when I tried today it was very slow. I have a pc running windows 7, using cinema 4d R14 64 student 180 day free demo studio.


Can you post the C4D file so we can take a look?


Here is the file


Set your Circle spline Intermediate Points value to 88 and your Rectangle Spline value to 43 and it plays much faster.
Cache the dynamics in the tag on the cloner.
Then increase your Spline subdivisions back to what they were.

It’s the high poly count that’s bogging it down.


Thanks wesware :slight_smile:


Checked out your file! Been a while since I messed with dynamics, but it seems fine!
On the cloner dynamics tag ,cash, try baking out sim. then run and works fine!
I think this is the way to do this ! Hope this helps! Dj


Another option for potentially dramatic speed increases with Dynamics.

The dynamics engine allows you to use “proxy” objects for the collision calculations while rendering your actual objects. This works very well unless you need hyper details collisions against complex objects.

Make simple versions of your chain links, decreasing poly count as much as possible (remember, these will nto render, they will only be used for calculations). Set these to not render.

In the Dynamics tag, under the Collision Tag, there is an “Object” drop down. One of the options toward the bottom is “Object”. This allows you to drop your low-poly object into this field. Now that will be used for the collisions calculations.



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