Need help with Shatter Effects


i been working on one of my project which related to shatter. The shot will have a fighter jet where it breaks apart and have showing its a pencil under it. I been trying to shatter the fighter jet and it always give me error saying…
// Error: If you want to shatter pCubeShape1, please first do Edit | Delete By Type -> History. //
// Error: An error occurred while running the Solid Shatter script. Results may be invalid. If necessary, undo to restore the previous situation.
i already make sure the history is deleted. but still having the error. anybody have a clue how to fix it?

i understand that the geometry might be too complex, so i did extract different piece to shatter. But i still get the error :frowning: i reeallllyy need some serious help of how to fix it!!! or if there should be any other way to shatter it???


Could just cut it up with split poly tool, then extract the pieces, will take longer, but without a script may have to be your only option.



so i guess there is no other easier way to do it :frowning:
thx for the reply


shatter is always wonky… try moving the object slightly and reshatter, sometimes that works…
or you could try scaling the object up or down, sometimes that helps…

one very very last resort, and doesnt always help because UVs get lost and you may not have Lightwave, is to use a plugin for Lightwave Modeler, called Crackit, its free and on the web… you can load an OBJ into LW and use Crackit which works pretty well, then save it out and bring it back to Maya, but again you lose alot of data… but at least have nice pieces :slight_smile:

maya shatter really needs some work… I hope Duncan or someone is on the case :wink:


Try assigning a default lambert shader to it.


wow thanks for all the reply…i try the lambert method and it still giving me the same error. I am going to look into lightwave or going to hand split each pieces and animate it (quite annony but does get the job done). If anybody else know a better solution pleaaaaase let me know thanks…and thanks again for all the reply


or try booleans. for example get a poly plane distotr points(i think there is a command on translate,with different amounts of translation in different directions,and in random amount). if needed give the plane some thickness and perform booleons and get your pieces. but before that you have to copy your mesh and do lets say intersection to one,and combine to other and there you have two unconnected pieces. (i beleive there should be a script CRACKME in highend) or simply type these code;

string $selection[]=ls-sl;

duplicate $selection;

string $secsel[]=ls-sl;

polyBoolOp -op 2 $selection[0] $selection[1];

polyBoolOp -op 3 $secsel[0] $secsel[1];
(don’t forget to delete history each time when using this little script)

if this fails. and if you don’t want to split all the chunks by your self.and if you don’t want to loose any data,and if you don’t want any additional interior parts in your mesh resulting due to booleons. try your luck with houdini. very very simple and very very efective boleon(cookie actualy) operators there. which lets you to keep any desired piece you wish.

and also there is an otl which draws random splits on to the mesh. and as soon as i remember the name of the otl i’ll post here.

at the end bring back your stuff to maya,and do what you want.



or you could try use the crackME mel script on highend 3d…its also booleans based…same as the shatter effect…but it uses a simple plane wich you can possition individually…worked for me even when shatter didn’t…


Try using crack shatter, since this will make lot’s of small parts if you need it, but it’s controlable polysplit tool. Then extract, delete history, then combine again and make it ncloth. You will get lot’s of breaking parts nicely… Extrude if needed.

If you need to use solid shater, just do it slowely with not too big number of pieces, and cleanup from time to time.



crack shatter actually work out pretty nice, i dont really get the part of convert the shatter peice to n-cloth, what would be the reason to convert it?
However thanks for all the reply so far i did get a lot of pieces working…except solid shatter…but i will just need to work around it. Thansk again for all the people who reply…and if anyone have any other good idea of how to shatter…please let me know :smiley: thanks


solid shatter tends to work with great results if you delete by type history and assign the default lambert material. Before you do that make sure your object is clean. Meaning the only attachments the object should have is it’s shape node and the shader. In other words unparent anything that is parented to your object. this includes in and outputs. which means if you have to smooth your geometry do it either before or after you’ve shattered your element so you could than delete any associated history afterwards. geo should be completely clean. And it’s always best to recursively shatter your element manually. By this i mean, start shattering with a low value, and than high light one of your seperate shards, and re-apply the shatter. It’s best to do it manually so you could see for yourself maya’s shatters breaking point. you could only run so much shatters to certain objects and shattered elements. Look through your hypergraph, unparent your shards and apply lambert. Repeat the process.


some notes to the solid shatter:

  • it breaks if anything has history on it
  • it tends to break if your object has no frozen transforms
  • it breaks if you apply “interior material” and reshatter
  • it breaks if the normals of the object are messed up (different directions)
  • it breaks if you have non manifold geometry
  • it breaks because it wants to



autodesk… pleeeease fix that tool. and implement it as compiled code and not as a lousy mel script


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