Need Help with Scale for first try at Environment Modeling


So I would like to try some Environment Modeling. I want to do Like a Cyberpunk type city street.

I understand the reference stuff blocking out etc ie the pipeline. However since I live in a very rural type area I have no feel for scale of big city buildings.

How do I come up with a realistic scale when doing city Buildings?

From my reference the smaller buildings have people on the streets I can use them to get a rough building height but what about the base length or even heights of skyscrapers etc?


For scale probably, the best practice would be to use the real world scale. Your 3D software probably has some mesurement tools, so look at real world buildings and check the average sizes for those. Then just find the average floor height and look at the floor count of some skyscrapers. At that point it’s just math

Road sizes will also play a big factor. Tighter roads will make the city feel cramped while wider roads will make it look more open.

Also try some perspective matching on some skyscraper images.

These are just a couple ideas. Though Cyberpunk style can be very complicated for a guy just getting into it. So make sure you do some tests first on a smaller scale. There is no need to jump into a big project like that.

Anyways, that’s just some tips for you man. Hopefully you find it useful. :slight_smile: