Need Help With My Environment


Hello folks! Here is an environment that I have been stumped on. Parts of the image still seem a little rough. I would love to hear any critique on it. Thank you!


What don’t you like about it currently? What are you aiming for?

It seems you’re going for a simplified style, and overall it does seem pretty cohesive. The surfaces properties are a bit too similar/homogenized to my eyes, and I would try to differentiate the textures of the different surface types a bit more. The water could use some ripples/reflections to make it look more like water. Sky can be refined a bit. Foliage is a bit too chunky/blobby in some areas, and could use a bit more refinement.


@Lunatique , thank you for the generous feedback! This helps out a lot! I will surely address these areas.


Interesting image! Great starting point but create more visual interest! Tell a more captivating story about these people.


Oh yeah I really like the colors, So vibrant :smiley: You really retained the saturation!
I know it`s demanding a lot but I would have loved for the character to be as vibrant and engaging! :smiley: