Need help with fast moving ncloth tearing


Alright so here;s the scene…
My hero is punching through a wooden door in 3 frames.
His arm and clothes are tearing as he punches through the door.

Not sure how to achieve this. Any help is really appreciated.
Sorry cant upload a file as it is in office.

Thank you


Can someone please shed a light on this



You can do tearing with nCloth. The general technique essentially pre-tairs the input mesh, creates constraints with glueStrength along the created seams then welds the output and smooths the normals.
This is set up with the make tearable constraint. If you just selected the cloth and and create the constraint it will make every edge tearable which may be over kill, and hard to control. It would be better to first select the poly edges you wish to be able to rip before making the constraint, then only these vertices will be torn and the simulation will also be faster and simpler. (instead of edges one could select vertices, but then all edges connected to each vertex can separate… also edge constraints can have bend resistance) In some cases you may wish to first model the cloth mesh to have edges that would create nice rips.
The make tearable constraint affects the topology going into the cloth, so pre-existing constraints may need to be remade, as the indice numbering can change.


Hi Duncan,

Sorry for the delayed response and thank you so much for your reply.
That is exactly what I ended up doing.

I modeled the pre-tear edges and separated them. and used component to component constraint instead of a tearable constraint.

Thank you again