Need help: Shiny Reflections?


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I’m trying to create a metalic material where the specular reflection shall shine (Glow).
What I mean is to make the specular of the metal to glow beyond the edges of the object (Just like the glow effect) but I want it to be dynamic… means when the object is not reflecting light the glow is hidden.

Any idias?

Rens Heeren


There are many methods to do this. But do you want to apply it in Max or in post work, e.g. in PhotoShop?
And what renderer are you using?


It can’t be done as a post work because I’m planing an animation… I heared that final render has that optnio but I’m using brazil, and I haven’t found a build in effect in brazil or in the scanline.

It’s pretty simple and I saw it in some really old animations… But I cant figure out how to…

Rens Heeren

Oh ok, then you should use a glow render effect. I think there are also some plugins out there that do pretty much the same, but this should work too.

Check out how to make them here:

I think mental ray has a glare shader that also creates this effect, but nothing in Brazil that I know of.


Thanks… That helped.
Still the effect is not perfect but it will do for most things.

Rens Heeren

What would you like to see different then?


Another approach is to do it in post like what is described in this image:

It also lends it self to nicer/richer colors IMHO. Thanks goes to the original creator of this image.


Shame on you magicm :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking into diffuse glows alot lately and I’ve come up with another (better?) method:
Another way to create the glow (like in the top image) is to make a duplicate layer from the background, then use levels to get only the brightest parts, then desaturate.
Make another duplicate layer and set the desaturated image as the layer’s mask, delete the desaturated layer.
Now ‘apply’ the mask and blur the layer with gaussian blur. Set blend mode to screen.
You can get a brighter glow by duplicating the layer.

This way you use the background’s original colours instead of white (like in the image you posted) or very saturated colours (like when you just use levels + blur + screen). It’s more realistic this way, especially when you need wide soft glows, e.g. with a dreamy atmosphere.

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