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I’m having a problem by capturing with Premiere Pro. I setup all the options in the project and in Premiere to capture the video and when I start the capturing it says in a “Driver Error”. I tried capturing with WinDVR just to test and it is working without any problem, so, seems it’s something wrong inside Premiere, maybe the driver really or some mistake in the consiguration/setup?

Any help is really apreciated!



are you capturing from a dv camera? Is it connected to your firewire port? If the camera is minidv and connected to firewire, premiere pro should detect it.


Oh, sorry. Let me see if I can explain better my problem.

I’m capturing a VHS tape using a VCR pluged into a PCI capturing card. As I saw, the card is corrected installed, like I said before, I used WinDVR to capture and it’s working. When I’m in Premiere, I start the “capturing function” by going to File > Capture, then I get a small screen wich shows the “film” on the VHS tape, so seems it’s working, right? But when click the “record” button in the capturing window inside Premiere it takes some seconds and then it says “Driver Error”.

Is this really a driver problem or a setup/configuration inside Premiere Pro problem? Because, like I said before, WinDVR is capturing normally.

I was wondering if the capture card is not compatible with Premiere, but if in the capture window inside Premiere I can see/watch the video playing in the VCR, I guess it’s working correctly and Premiere has recognized the card, isn’t it?



i have an ATI Wonder VE. I never tried it in premeire cause it never showed up. I use ulead capture (supports all my devices) but i guess Windows movie maker is just as good? mine came with capture software. Besides its only 320x240


It came with WinDVR, and it works, but I can only play the movie in WinDVR. I tried playing in Windows Meida Player but it didn’t worked, it gets some strage error in video. I guess is a codec problem.

I want to capture directly in Premiere to get more “control” over the capturing, like capturing without compression, but I guess this is a problem in the capture card. So, if the card already capture with compression, then you can’t control it, right?



not entirely. You ALWAYS have a setting somewhere on compression. Mine has bult in mpeg2 compression but i hardly ever use it.

I really dont think premeire can use a analoge capture card though. I just tried mine last night in light of your post and i cant get it to show up.

To me yes that does sound like a codec problem. Premeire only likes .avis pretty much, but ive had it import nearly anything, Vp6, dixv, vxid, mpegs, .mov

Im trying to think of an alternative capture software for you…


So, what would you suggest? Should I reinstall Premiere again or reinstall the capture card (the drivers)? Like I said, WinDVR is capturing it normally, without any problem.

You said that somewhere it must have an option to capture without compression, but, at least WinDVR doesn’t have this option.

Am I doing something wrong in the capturing process or even in the setup?



id say reinstall the drivers…

Now what about windows movie maker? Im lookin at it right now, and it will allow analoge card capture. actualy, i might switch wo WIn movie maker for my analoge…apparently you can adjust the hue/color/sat/birght/contrast…NICE

Set at high quality, its 320x240@30fps, says i have 43hours on my C: drive, which cant be right cause thats only about 4 gigs left…if im lucky so obviously thats compressed

I dont think your doing anythign wrong, as these software peoplle design it for idiots. They dont let you alter the compression/sizes and stuff cause your average joe that just wants to record something isnt gonna take the time to learn it. Just how movie maker isnt letting me specify the codec.

Im going to see if i can find some cheap software or freeware that will let you capture with/without codecs.

Premeire, ive looked, i cant see any way to utilize my capture card in it. Its probably premiere’s problem, everyone has always complained about instability here and there. So i dont thinkyour doing anything wrong.

What kind of capture card is this? they should have included capture sofware other than winDVR ( i know mine did) Mine you can watch tv. Alright, so i change it to channel 4, hookup my VCR and hit record. It gives me the option of MPEG2 or .avi.

Ulead still has my vote for best capture sotware. Oh, do you have any other capture devices? Reason i ask, i installed drivers for my samsung DV camera. BIG MISTAKE. i couldnt even start the tv app for my tuner card, my pc webcam wouldnt work…their drivers locked al lmy other video drivers. real pita! Then i found out i didnt even need drivers, are premiere supported my camera and the memory card was seen as a hard drive.



i had the same problem while using Main ACtor MPEG

now my card isnt recognized by premiere, click SETTINGS and go to EDIT under “recorder device” setup things there. that is if premiere sees your card.


I guess Premiere is recognizing the card because I can see the video playing on it. But, when I press the record button inside Premiere, it gets and error. Seems is something diferent, probably the setup/configuration.

Can you explain more detailed this what you said now?

Thanks :thumbsup:


Hey MadSkillzMan, I got news!! I made it work!! It was a driver problem, now it’s working well. Can you believe this?

The only problem is that I think it’s capturing a little slow, it’s like “kicking” the video. Should the HD be a SCSI drive? I have turned the anti-virus off, but it’s a little strange. Maybe you can “teach” me how to capture :slight_smile: ?



hey sorry i didnt get back on elaborating, ive been really busy with aproject and its just now im getting to my mail

Anyways, i have the same problem. Its only during preview right? Mine previews laggy, and thats because in the setup i turned on a compression. I use Main Actor Mpeg2 which at first was sweet, because of the tiny diskspace and already its DVD encoded, problem is, AEFX wouldnt import mainactor video

when i did it straight uncompressed avi i had no problems. but as long as the capture is fine, and the preview is laggy you should be alright.

I beleive your driver issue lol. i had a problem of my own. I updated my videocard drivers, i got no previews. I instantly got a green and purple screen, TV capture, DV or even webcam…POS SiS Xabre.

HOpe this helps


Make sense! Yeah, it’s on preview, but the final movie get a slow motion appearence. Why? I don’t think it’s a compression problem becasue in the setup I have set to native. When I saw the final movie later, it said that has no compression. Hmm, maybe that’s the problem, it should be compressed?

Is it possible to capture directly to Quicktime MOV file? If yes, wich compression method do you recommend me to use?

If not, if using AVI, wich compression would you recommend?



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