Need help, my PC is too loud


I just had my PC mailed to me (after moving to attend school) and now I have my PC in my room (previously it was in the office at my old house…away from my bed). Now that I have it in my room you really notice how loud a PC is…expecially when your sleeping. Any cheap (i.e. don’t have to spend ANY money) tips about how to quiet it down? Thanks.


umm… turn it off whilst you sleep?

  1. make sure the fans and heatsinks are clean and free of obstructions
  2. get new case fans (less than £1(UK) each)

aside from this, there isnt a great deal you can do without spending money.


If you’re a light sleeper, get earplugs. :smiley:

But seriously, if it’s making that much noise and it’s irritating you either move it to a place where the sound is lessened (under your desk or in the wardrobe and get extention cords), or get a quieter cooling system. Yes, it will cost you money, but it will save you hours of sleep and irritation.

I just got used to it. My desk is under my bed near my head (I’ve got one of those high loft beds). It took me a while to get used to the thing churning away below me.


If I wasnt maried I would gladly give my room to experience this:
I do have an office with LOTs of computers in there. Now I ask this question (actually my wife does) WHY? Do I have 2 Workstations and 2 Servers (dual xeons with 9 fans in each) plus a 2TB raid with two power suplies, god know how many fans and $300 Edison bill =)

Err… The good thing was when the freeway was closed for 2 mothes everynight, and the SEMI trucks were riding the street - I didn’t hear a thing =) (as I dont hear my cell phone when it is in the next room =)))

So who was talking about lod PCs???
One sugestion though is to buy a liqud cooled system, it has only two really silent fans on top, to cool down the liquid.


Mame sure the harddrive is not full of data. CPUs with less then 733mhz usualy make noises.


I have my two PCs in my bedroom because there isn’t another available room in my apartment. I have learned to live with the sound of the one, because it’s relatively quiet (actually I quite like the sound of it now), but the other one (a dual Xeon) is really, really loud so I just switch it off at night. I considered moving the box into my lounge but then my housemate would kill me :slight_smile:


well, except if your doing heavy rendering everynight,
why dont you just indeed click start/shutdown, instead of wasting all this energy? It s not like booting a PC is such a hassle, is it?


Bingo, we have a winner. I got leave the thing to render at I don’t know if I’d call it heavy rendering, but its stuff I would rather not do during the day because of the time it would take up. But you guys are right. Its either get used to it or plunk down some money on quieter fans.


aww…you could have mentioned that before…

my other solution, get severe tinnitus like i have, itll block the whine of any computer easly. :scream::buttrock:


Yeah its bad for me as for some reason I can’t sleep with my computer off. I’m like addicted to the white noise it makes. So yes Elvis (my computers name) sings me to sleep.


Another thing to try is to get some acoustic fiberboard to put behind/around the machine so the sound is partly absorbed instead of bouncing off nearby hard surfaces. Just don’t restrict the ability of the machine to get ventilation.

Also, as someone mentioned, fans are usually the major noise polluter. You can install big custom heatsinks on the CPU(s) which can reduce the need for excessive numbers of case fans, or at least let you install quieter, lower rpm ones.


there’s quite a lot of good stuff on here
my processor fan, hard drive cooler and Power supply came from there, my pc isn’t silent but it’s quiet enough for sleeping


yep quietpc…
buy heatsink for processor (zalman Flower Cooler CNPS7000-AlCu)
zalman VGA Heatpipe Cooler ZM80C-HP without zalman fan (instead buy papst (12dba fan) for better qooling and noisereduction)
Zalman quiet powersupply won’t hurt either…

My machine is running very quiet.


Replace your fans with Vantec Stealth Fans. After you put those in, you could also install one of those Digital Doctor monitors in your computer… They will display the temperature inside your pc, and let you control the speed that your fans are running at, so you can have them running at the slowest speed that still keeps your computer cool.
I got a similar setup on my computer in my room. I used to leave it on all night to do rendering and such and I had gotten really used to the sound of the computer… The night I installed the new fans, I woke up in the middle of the night all panicked cause I thought my computer had stopped running! O_o I can hardly hear it at all now :slight_smile:


one thing I did is replace my cpu fan with a bigger one that way it doesnt spin as fast and is quieter.


Antec makes really quiet cabinets and are very well priced. The things that make noise are fans, and Antecs powersupply and CPU fans are very quiet. Zalman and Pabst also make quiet fans.


cover your case in cushions. This configuration works quite well:


My computer is loud too, thank the maker I’m getting a new one which will be as quiet as it can be: Specially made case to make the system silent (Nexus Breeze), some extra-quiet case fans and ZeroCool HT-101(note: the article is in Finnish but you can see nice pictures of the cooler at page 1 and easy to read graphs at page four) to cool the processor itself.

Yeah, it was costy but at least it beats the old solution I had against noise: Wearing my big headphones all the time.


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