Need help: Material Plugin and DX shader


We have two things that work, but not together. We have a custom material plugin so that we can provide hints to our game-engine exporter. And, we have .FX shaders that we can view in the viewport. They work great, just not together. Our custom material has a button for choosing the max material. If I choose, say a standard material, and check the “Display in viewport” button, it works. But, if I choose a DX9 material, it doesn’t (it just shows up gray in the viewport).

There used to be a pink “display in viewport” button for enable showing .FX shaders. I don’t see it any more. Did it go away in Max 8? I suspect that I need to tell the DX9 material to display in the viewport, but I can’t figure out how.

Any ideas?
Btw, using Max 8.




I think your problem comes from the fact that your custom material is using your effect shader as a standard material ; 3ds Max doesn’t provide the conversion.

Moreover, when applied to an object, DirectX shaders are displayed automatically.


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