Need help. Make boolean mesh button does not work


I never used live boolean before. So I never noticed this issue. But no matter how, I cant make boolean mesh.
Live boolean is active and works. But pressing make boolean mesh des nothing. Even in projects that were included like this


Usually there always someone that had same problems that I did and fixed it.
So I always found solutions.
But when it comes to this. I feel like I am the only one that has this issue.


Like literally nothing no new tools or subtools.
No messages. Nothing.
I reinstalled software and still problem is there.
I watched several tutorials. I did everything as should. But I can not pass the part where you press make boolean mesh.
I hope I am just an idiot that didnt click something important in preferences.
And I dont have to reinstall Windows or something. (


Hi there, I’ve encountered the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?


usually its an problem with mesh integrity
that means one of the meshes has some vertecies that aren’t one mesh with the rest
i fix it by select box an part of the mesh with ctrl+shift drab an square
then press ztrl+shift+a to grow selection and after tht draw an box outside of mesh like you don for first selection
this will hide the mesh if there is an part of the mesh that is prroblematik if mesh is fine it will not be hidden
next ctrl +shift drag box outside of mesh to show the mesh again for mesh that has problems (hidden after select drag outside of mesh)
use delete hidden to fix the mesh
also after that its ok to go tool/geometry/meshintegrity and hit Fix mesh
now try to do the boolean operation with button


hello, did anyone ever find a fix or a workaround to this? this is a pretty major feature in zbrush
thank you


Is there a way?
I have encountered the same problem in 2021-2021.5.1.
Reinstalling the software has not changed.


I have the same problem. I´ve tried everything so far, hours of work trying to solve the problem but nothing. I clic the make boolean mesh, a message appears saying zbrush is doing it, but nothing happens. No new tool beggining wit Umesh…
I´m exhausted… Any help will be grate. Thank you.


Just had this problem, or at least a similar one so im posting this for any future people. Whenever I tried to “make boolean mesh” or “remesh by union” the operation would start and then suddenly stop without any error message but no new mesh would be created. As edgarmarrakech said it was a problem with mesh integrity for me. Turns out one of my subtools had some holes in. I clicked “close holes” to fix the mesh and the boolean operation worked fine after that. I would suggest you go through each subtool and click “close holes” or use any other methods to repair a mesh that you know about and then try again. One of your subtools probably has some wack geometry that needs to be repaired.


I ran into the same issue recently on 2023, I think it might have something to do with the diskspace available on the drive Zbrush is installed on, I eneded up re-installing it onto a Drive with more space and it worked fine after that.

Hope this helps.