Need Help in understanding the Collision Deformer in Cinema4D


Hello all, I am a newbie into cinema 4D and I have been practicing on my own through the tutorials. I was working on Collision deformer but it is just not working the way I want it to be. I have managed to achieve the output result but I am not quite satisfy with it. Can anyone please help me understand few basics thing which have been bugging me out. I have also attached a video to convey my issue to you guys.

  1. Everytime I play an animation, it displays different results. Can anyone guide me why is it so? Please refer to the attached video.

  2. I have been using motor and connectors to drive the car but it is jiggling and I am not even to figure how to solve it?

  3. Whenever I Cache the Collision Deformer, it plays the animation without showing any deformation. Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance. Hoping to learn from you guys.