Need Help in material !


Hi every lightwave freaks out there…:thumbsup:

I’m working on a projekt right now and I can´t figure out how to make the material on my model later on. I know that’s a later question but i can’t let it go in my mind. First of all I have to model the character from a staty which will be animated later.

This is for a presentation movie for an aword festival, beeing hold here in Sundsvall, Sweden at september 2005.

Does anyone have a clue how to make this material realistic? The material reminds is like candle wax but harder and more of a plastic feeling. The edge looks transparent…

here’s some shots from the staty.

and this is the 3D model so far…

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.



Use SSS (Sub Surface Scattering)… Oh wait, this is Lightwave, sorry. :banghead:

You could use ChanLum though. It’s a free plugin to fake SSS in Lightwave:

Check this pic out. It’s kinda what you’re looking for:

And read this thread about ChanLum. It’s quite long, but there are some useful tips:


Thanks alot serge1971 !

I think this plugin is the right for this kind of material… and it’s free!! Great…:applause:

When I’m finnished with the modelling I’ll make some renders and post it here…


Yep, you can do that easily with Chamlun (is simple but a GREAT plug!). Additionally you may want to try with gradients based on null object distance and SG_AmbOcc as well :slight_smile:



You could also experiment with Gradients using the Surface Thickness input parameter. The thread here should get you started:


First up, start with a pink color, with perhaps a turbulance texture for a subtle blending of different shades of pink.

You could start with a bump map to give the non-uniform style of surface. Try a proceedural crumple, stretched in the Y axis

Crank up specularity, but make sure that glossiness is down.

You might want a few gradients actually. You’ll probably one want one for specularity based on light incidence, or based on bump map.

I’d recommend that you check out the plugin tho, as it should solve most of your problems.


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