Need help creating particle trail following animated object


As you can see in the link above, I want to make the particle effect that create a trail after the animals. I could figure out that I’d have to use Emitter from object, and I created a trail.
But how can I make the trail dynamic, I want it to twist a little when moving like in the video? I tried using vortex and Volume axis but it’s not working as I expected.
Anyone can help me or at least tell me what should I search for in order to make that?


The video is blocked now, but this shouldn’t be too hard. Are you using regular old particles or nParticles?

I suggest playing with a more basic, empty-ish scene with just a sphere emitting a particle trail as it moves, and then start introducing your Vortex and other dynamic fields to that type of setup so you can learn how they all work. It’s also possible you didn’t have your particle trail set to link up to those dynamic field nodes. You can check and or fix that in the Dynamic Relationships editor.