Need Help creating an animatable hoodie


Hi CgSociety, I am new here and I need help creating a part of my character.
It’s a game character, and I want to make a hood for him that he can have on and pull it off say during a cut scene or something. I don’t know if to model it on, like the assassin’s creed characters have it, or pulled back. And if I were to put it on, how would I make it so that I can animate it so it pulls back properly? And would it have to be a 1 or 2 sided mesh?

Thank you in advance.


I’d do both versions, one with the hoodie on and one with it on the neck/back. If you need to animate a transition from one to the other morph targets can help by interpolating the different stages of the mesh. Also some cloth simulation will help to get it more realistic.


Thank you, and yes I do definitely want the transition, so If I want to use the morph target, I would have to use the same mesh for both stages right? not create two different meshes with a different amount of polygons and structure right?


General Discussion isn’t a catch all forum.
For topology questions and best practices, use the modelling forum, for rigging problems, as they are app specific, use the forums for your app of choice.

GD is for CG related things that aren’t technique or software related, yours is both I’m afraid.


Ok, sorry I hadn’t seen these sections.


If you are doing it for a cutscene in max you will need to copy the hood and then change the shape by using soft selection probably. The number of vertices has to remain the same and they have to be in the same order, or essentially a copy.

In game animation depends on your engine. If you were using unity then it would have to be bone animation unless you bought a plug in. UDK support morphs for faces so it must be possible for clothing.

If you are going to do more of this stuff check out zbrush blend shapes plugin. I am fairly sure it would be way easier to sculpt a transition for cloth than model it.



Thank you, will check those out, specially the last one, and yeah I’ll be using Udk


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