Need help choosing a college in Canada


I’m currently living in Turkey and I plan to come to Canada to study. I want to be a 3D Modeler and I’m having difficulty choosing a college that will help me the most. The more software programs it teaches me how to use, the better! (Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop etc.) I’ve read that Game Design degrees weren’t worth the money so I removed them from my list of colleges. Here is the list so far:

-Humber College: 3D Animation
-Centennial College: Game Art or 3D Animation
-Seneca College: Animation
-George Brown: Game Art

All kinds of advice are appreciated! Thanks for reading

Edit: Forgot to mention that my budget is pretty tight (CAD $10.000-15.000)


Van arts

Several good schools in canada i would consider vancouver my first choice for anything vfx related in canada and Sheridan ( sp) for montreal or toronto with some great games professionals in the area


I’m about to apply to a college in a few days, please post here if you have any suggestions for me!