Need Help About Reference file Workflow


It’s been a suffering problem for me and maybe you guys that try to use reference workflow in MAYA.

OK just get to the point.

Dose anyone know what exactly the use of MAYA reference workflow??

Here’s our workflow:

1.Modeling and texturing then reference it for Rigging and so far so good

  1. Then we referenced the Rigging file for animating and duplicate some reference model, let’s say we got refA refA_1 refB refB_1 in the same scene and animating it, still work fine now

  2. In the final we assign these reference model to different render layer and something weird happened , when we finish assignment then re-open the scene all shaders are gone and we can’t switch render layer anymore it just broken

I do some research about MAYA reference workflow and do some improvement like:

assign all render layer(all model have same name of render layer) in the original model file then reference it and turn on share render layer in reference editor , but found out that even you have same name of all render layer , once you re-open the scenes some reference model would lost shaders in render layer

so…is anyone out there has solution for it?? plz

We are really dead because of it…


which maya version.?
are you using the old render layers or the new renderSetup.?


Maya 2018

yup we use legacy render layer not render setup

is that a problem?


that could be the problem cause they arnt tested with maya2018.
is there any reason do not use the new RenderSetup?


they? you mean Autodesk?

well… because RenderSetup is extremely not user friendly at all compare to Softimage’s render pass

and it’s quite complicated for doing something really simple in RenderSetup such as duplicate render layer, I can’t even find the bottom and blah… blah…

no we don’t like it…


you should take a second look.
duplicating is just ctrl + c and ctrl + v
if you learn how to use the expression and Json files is really powerfull.