Need help about Modo TextureEdit


Texture not rendering help!! I imported some 3d coat model into modo and try to render a scene with phototexture, however the texture wont show but changing the diffuse color, any modo expert knows how to resolve this?

Even its in diffuse color effect or any projection type, still the texture wont show but changing the color, I don’t know if its something to do with the polygons.

Another problem is
Recently I created a basic mesh at modo and try to import it and scuplt it in 3D coat,
However when I import the modo mesh into the scuplt room,
it turns into this… really low resolution…is there any thing I have to do first to prevent this happen? It also automatically imported as surface representation…
The file was saved as obj

Any export can guide me!! huge thanks!!


Hi,as to your first issue: Make sure that you select “Diffuse” in the Effect column of the shader tree for the material in question (in your screenshot it says something different). To make sure you are editing the right material you can click on the object in question in the render preview window - that will select the corresponding material in the shader tree.CheersJohn