Need help about canvas size


Hi, i’m newbie to this forum.

  1. Just wondering what is the most chosen canvas size for commercial DMP. (like Starwars I,II and III)

  2. How many time you taken for finished 1 image ?



I am also wondering this, for a matte painting, intended for a film shot in HD, what size is reccomended for the matte? My matte work is mostly in 3D with some post work, as I can not paint, but I imagine that it couldn’t hurt to render oversize, rather than sticking with the simple HD format.



I belive most people use 4k, which is 4096 pixels across, and around 2048 pixes from top to bottom.


I agree with Ratman 4k is a standar but ILM has some done some 25k wide panoramas , it all depends on you output resolution always paint as big as you can , details are much easier to paint

refer to this link where some of the pro mattepainters around explain what resolution they use and why


Interesting, so if I render out a few stills, and do only minor touch up, I should render at 4k, if I expect it to work in HD at all?



Im no expert, but I think most work at twice the rez they are doing the output for, then they can size down, and compress some of the detail to blend it a little better. Also allows for some
camera move, pan, placement, etc.

Also see these great Dusso starwars mattes

These were some of those ultra wide, for a long zoom in shot. beautiful works.


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