Need Hair modelling help


I want to model her. How should I construct the hair. I’m almost done with the head.


Erwin ,

next time you post something make the thread title something relevant , rather than “I love hair”.

I changed it for you this time.

makes it easier for people to understand whats going on in the thread.



Here you go


and on that note, I should add that I HATE HAIR. I spent all day (about 6 hours) using paintfx to put hair on my Natalie Portman model, but i can’t get it right using paintfx… i’ll keep trying, but its annoying… if anyone wants to help me out and try out throwing some hair on her, drop me a line…


I did a ruff trial with pfx and it looked pretty good.:eek: My head actually looks like half a girl. Is there other ways of doing hairs or are they all a derivative of pfx; pfx just makes it simple by doing the alpha blending behind the scene.


you could model the hair and apply a texture and alpha to the modeling.


Here’s what I got so far after hours of creating those curve guides. pfx is pretty cool but slow. How do I make the hair cast shadow? I’ll have to tweak some more to make the face look like the pic. Also, I mirrored and merged my polygon head and it created new faces at the center to connect both half. You can see the ridge as a result. Is there a way to mirror and have both halves connect at the edge?

Are the eyes too big? I keep shrinking it and still looks awkward.


good job on the hair!

if you used a lowpoly mesh and smoothed it, you can use CPS to make a seamless mirrored and smoothed mesh.

also, Paintfx hair naturally casts shadows, but judgning by the images you posted, no shadows are being cast on anything. make some lights that cast shadows, and you should be all set.


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