Need Gas, Airflow (3D)


Title: Need Gas
Name: Airflow
Country: Uk
Software: 3dsmax6

WW2 pilot gets ditched in the desert and serches for a helpful garage…
created for entery in Elemental, though I dont think it got picked, anyway I had some fun creating the Voight Corsair… and getting the schematics for it… the character could have bben a bit more detailed… considering I forgot to switch on the bupm mapping fro her cuffs and lapel… also the comping under the boots was a bit off…

>> Hi resolution image <<


good work:bounce:


Wow! The desert is really realistic! I like the way you set the lighting and rendering.


Love the style!
That’s excactly how I had imagined a female WWII Fighter Pilot would look like, with the butch arms and all… You would certainly have needed those to pilot one of them planes.
Great piece of work!


I like it!!


Very comic style and great work



pretty cool work!!

I like the sand a lot:bounce:


fantastic work

good representation !!!



That’s a really sweet image, especially like the bounce light on her face, works beautifully! Materials and lighting and modelling are great, the arms do look a bit large because of the size of the jacket but it’s not an issue… One thing that struck me as a bit odd is the propeller shaft being so smoothly bent - for an impact I imagine that it might have a sharper kink in it. Nit picking though… It’s better than I can do. At least I can beat you at pool :wink: heh heh


Nice work, if that pilot was a man, it would be a perfect visualiztoin of a scene from “Le Petite Prince”.


i like the composition and the sand look… the girl! the toony rotor is also great

actually it’s all great work… very high level work :thumbsup:


hehe, well technically we never played, but next time Ill be ready… thanks for the comments everyone…


I love, the style you used, the girl kinda reminds me of Uma Thurman… and the desert is brillant… Hope you post some more work in the future…


simply brilliant


great job, good textures !!!


Like someone said before this looks like The Little Prince… you sure you dont have a deceptive snake and an innocent boy hidden in there somwhere??? Beautifull…


amazing work, though the arms are a bit big, its probably the way you have characturized it… I love the desert… but the planes windows dont seem to be reflecting…


Nice style. The sand is an Photo?


Amazing work !! Congratulation !

Any chance to tell us how did you create the sand? Thanks.


no, the sand is a mixture of procedural noise, and a bitmap, I textured a plane, sub-divided it and then used the map to displace it… Ill post the maps soon…